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Pieter Boelen

New arrangement of "Hedwig's Theme"; video recording included

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Yesterday I went to this theatre show:


It was the "tryout" and the first time they ever did it.

There will be more repeats throughout the country the next few weeks/months.


A string-only orchestra.

An actual real-life Dutch astronaut telling stories about the moon missions.

Historical footage of space exploration.

And classical music in-between.


Most was actual classical music which I'm not too familiar with.

There was one jazzy SONG for the launch.

A string version of the Apollo 13 theme halfway into the show.

And for the finale showing the future of space travel...



I don't remember hearing that string adaption before.

Could it be the Mutter variation?

Or is this a new one altogether?

Anyone knows...?

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4 minutes ago, Thor said:

Neat idea, but what does "Hedwig's Theme" have to do with space travel?

There's the Nimbus 2000 part that relates to flight...?


Personally I don't much care about it being not 100% appropriate.

Finishing with Williams certainly made ME very happy.


Plus, the way I see it, the show was very well thought out to cater to a lot of different crowds at the same time.

To get good reviews, you want to finish it with something that really inspires as many people of the audience as you can.

And apparently 'they' decided that Williams would be the best fit for that.


So regardless of appropriateness, I'd consider it another really big compliment about our favourite composer.

And more proof of just how much impact he's had on popular culture that he gets featured as the finale for what was effectively a CLASSICAL concert.


Williams can deservedly be proud at what he's accomplished.

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The name of the person was mentioned on the screen, but I didn't write it down and I don't remember.

Maybe if someone else goes at some point?


I did make a video recording.

It misses the opening because I didn't expect this at all, but otherwise I hope you'll like it all the same:


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