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Jerry Goldsmith's AIR FORCE ONE - 2019 2CD Varese Deluxe Edition

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I don't know why specialty labels haven't made it routine to always include an explanation of what's different about each alternate in their booklets


The broadcast premiere of AIR FORCE ONE (DELUXE EDITION) on CINEMATIC SOUND RADIO.   WEB: http://bit.ly/2nnO8Nv APPLE PODCASTS: http://apple.co/29zAyyL SPOTIFY: http://spoti.fi/2PfYHPb

On 2/21/2021 at 6:04 AM, Richard Penna said:

It's Radek's Release (With Chorus) on the DE.

100% correct.  We fought to include that because of the chorus. 

On 2/19/2021 at 4:46 AM, Richard Penna said:

I'm sure it's well known that Goldsmith wanted Radek's Death on the album, but Townson couldn't afford the fees.


I'm sure Thor has absolutely no opinion on that omission :lol:

Correction for the record.  Townson didn't own Varese... ever (even though he tells the world he did).  Chris Kuchler did until he sold the company to Cutting Edge and yes, the fees for choral pieces are super expensive. 


Townson also didn't write the checks.  Chris did.   One little tidbit....ever go to his website or read a presser about him?  He writes a lot of that stuff about himself.  Up until Cutting Edge bought the company, Varese did not have a publicist.  So anytime you see something written about him, bet that he wrote it.

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It could have been, if it had just 15 min more music. A bunch of substantial cues, let's say...

  • Terms
  • Mother Russia
  • The First Hostage
  • Get Off My Plane
  • Radek's Release

...and it would have been a well rounded listening experience that even Thor would still have liked.

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A few of the subdued, threatening cues - such as "Terms" and "The First Hostage", more of the russian theme - which means "Mother Russia" and "Radek's Release", and the one remaining great action cue "Get Off My Plane". Just as an example, given the premise that the OST probably wouldn't feature any of the McNeely material.

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That'd be 13 tracks and 49 minutes on the OST, which is - I dare say - enough.


4 minutes ago, Jurassic Shark said:

I don't mind including McNeely material.

Of course, this was just hypothetically the 1997 program that could have been. Aside from the huge re-use fees, at the time there never seemed to be any interest to include any material composed by "Goldsmith's little helpers" on the commercial releases.

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@Brundlefly is exactly right - take the 30 minutes Jerry was able to include, add those 5 cues he listed, and you have a pretty damn great original OST album

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2 hours ago, Jay said:

@Brundlefly is exactly right - take the 30 minutes Jerry was able to include, add those 5 cues he listed, and you have a pretty damn great original OST album

Yeah and I agree this is a rare Goldsmith score where I don’t need to play every single note for maximum enjoyment... but you guys both really want to leave off the McNeely action cues? IMO they’re some of the best stuff in the score!



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Which tracks specifically do you mean?


Oh wait, I either read brundlefly's post too fast, or he changed which cues he listed, or I just got track titles mixed up. 


The next 3 cues I would add to the  OST program are Radek's Release, The Dogfight, and Air Force One In Trouble, for sure.  If Jerry had been told he could craft a 45 minute album instead of 35 I betcha he would have picked those as well.

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