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MINORITY REPORT (2002) - 2019 2CD Expanded Edition from La-La Land Records

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!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!     https://www.facebook.com/lalalandrecords/photos/a.181243738754/10158012784688755/   This is so cool!  I can't wait!  I love this score!

Blame me for any typos in the booklet!

Pic as requested!     Karol

1 minute ago, Jurassic Shark said:

I love A New Beginning.


Fun fact:  The OST track titled "A New Beginning" is nothing more than a repeat of the second half of the end credits (which already opened the OST album, as "Minority Report"), with a loop added

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I feel like I should say something when these types of releases are announced, even if I have nothing to say, really. I can say this: MINORITY REPORT is a great film and score. The cover of this release looks quite nice too; "cleaner" than the OST.

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The only Spielberg Sci fi movie that  didn't click with me much but I enjoyed the album. ' Andersons Great Escape' one of my favorite cues here. The score is mostly dark and brooding and the opening cues are very interesting with shades of JFK esque like percussions reminding me of 'The Conspirators'  Having said that I'am really looking forward to the High resolution sound transfer on this one. Look forward to more details in the coming weeks. 


And really hoping that WAR OF THE WORLDS is also next on the expansion list from LLL. I love that more, the film included. But kudos to all. Along with THE INVADERS set this is a great looking batch. 


P. S. How long did this take for Tom Cruise to approve the artwork etc.? (Probably this got done around the same time as MISSION IMPOSSIBLE.) There are the other Tom Cruise titles which I believe are waiting to be signed. 



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