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"Space Battalions" by James Brett used in Star Wars promotional videos

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That Vanity Fair image of Williams conducting that was released a few months back suddenly makes a lot more sense. 

Where is the music from in this second half? I know it's a pastiche of the Imperial March (Can hear that A minor - F Minor Chromatic Mediant at work).      ADMIN NOTE: It's not Williams

Here's my quick and dirty transcription of the melody. Lots and lots of Williams hallmarks here, though nothing that others haven't imitated in the past. I'm gonna remain agnostic.    

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7 hours ago, TheAvengerButton said:

A little late to the party but I'm glad these pieces were found (Space Battalions and Battleforce). Thinking about purchasing them for use in a future project, now. Are there any other potential-license Star Wars pastiche pieces that are out there that rival these ones in quality?


Just look through both APM and Audio Network, there's an infinite supply of music out there. Sorting through it all to find something specific can be pretty time-consuming, but you might find some good pieces of music here and there.

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James Brett is a fine composer. I used a few of his tracks for work reasons in the past and I was always pleased to find real musicianship at display. Library cues usually tend to be awkward pastiche of whatever musical genres. The one which are film score-like are usually not very inspired and often they go the safe route of aping the standard RCP-like sound. Brett seems to be one of the stand-out guys in that regard, though.

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Yeah that's typically done intentionally since a lot of advertisers like to use music similar to famous pieces of work but obviously without using the actual work. I write stock music sometimes so I find myself doing that quite often as well. Originality doesn't sell well unfortunately. :P

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Just a head's up that Audio Network seems to have upgraded the sound quality of its preview tracks, which are all now 192 kbps (previously they were around 128kbps).  There are some real treasures, though it takes time to find them.  Joe Kraemer, mentioned elsewhere, has some good orchestral tracks on the site, as does Alex Kovacs, Jerome Leroy, Chris Egan, Paul Mottram, and James Seymour Brett, among others.

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I noticed that they'd upgraded all their samples at some point in the middle of last year, and everything sounds perfect as a result.


I also discovered that they don't protect their preview files very carefully (or... at all). If you determine the album and track number for a track, it can be played/downloaded via this URL:




There's an album listing (with album numbers) here.


One of the purchase options is a 192kb mp3, which means they're insecurely streaming literally the same file that you can buy. Unfortunately it's still £8 per track for a wav file, but this workaround largely compensates for their removing their 'personal listening' licence a few years ago.


I have tons of their music downloaded in this way, partly to listen, and partly as I use their music a lot in my own videos.

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