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John Williams on the end of The Rise of Skywalker

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Not even imdb has listings of musicians or vocal artists in the music section, and the film is out in a few months! TLJ had heaps of listings while it was being recorded, giving us a hint about the score's style. If any of the LA Chorale add the film to their resume, it means they're back in some capacity.


It does seem like they've cracked down. Not a single photo from the sessions at all. It's back to the TFA days with producers looking out for phones and anyone attempting to take photos. 


Daisy said she was hoping to attend a session weeks ago so it remains to be seen if she's actually visited yet. 

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But ironically TLJ kept its tracklist a secret until the night before it was released. That was an incredible feat, all things considered. 


TFA's tracklist was announced much earlier IIRC. 


I assume TROS will follow the TLJ lead here, with no tracklist until the score is released (or just hours prior). 

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11 hours ago, Modest Expectations said:

On the other hand there is quite an advanced game going on with film "spoilers". Not only are there many plausible leaks, but some of the recent ones are accused of being based on false information from old Trevorrow scripts which is being leaked on purpose.


The fan theory mill, which was such great fun post-TFA, had really gone moribund till these past few trailers fired it up again.

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