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Who is coming to Vienna?

Who is coming to Vienna?  

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  1. 1. Just curious: Are you coming to Vienna in January?

    • Yes - and already have a ticket in my pocket.
    • Yes - but still trying to grab a ticket.
    • No - still hoping for a London or [add another city of your choice] concert.

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We are coming to Vienna for Saturday, all three of us.

Daughter will be 18 two days prior!

Yes, we got tickets, but...


23 hours ago, hornist said:

if someone has (an) extra ticket(s) for the Saturday concert I'm willing to buy it🍻

...we are also on the waiting list for even better tickets up until Friday noon - since after that we will drive, yes drive, from Graz to Vienna - which is nothing compared to most of you - except Marian, that is. ;)


So I don't know what we will do with twice as many tickets so shortly before the concert - we'll see - but at least I told you (all) now; not likely though, it seems. ;)


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On 11/3/2019 at 12:44 AM, Mr. Breathmask said:

I have seated tickets for Sunday and a couple of standing tickets for the Saturday concert. I'll be there from Friday afternoon until Sunday evening and my wife is coming with me. Hurray!


Who's you and who's your wife in your profile pic?

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