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New recording of Main Title for Rise of Skywalker?

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At the very start here:



Thoughts? This recording doesn't sound like any of the previous scores and I doubt a morning talk show would just use some random concert performance of Main Title, considering Disney are their parent company (and they got the exclusive first clip from the film).


It also sounds different to the version of Main Title they were using for interviews on TLJ (which sounded more like the TFA recording to my ears). 

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It is MUCH more likely than the audio guy in the booth grabbed some random recording of the main SW theme, than it is that Disney actually gave them a file from the Episode 9 recording sessions.  Ther


Yeah, at least the TPM one sounded good.

On 11/27/2019 at 8:43 AM, First TROS March Accolyte said:

My dream missed opportunity is it being reorchestrated for a unique flavour for each consecutive film.


Otherwise I don't get the point of these constant re-recordings of the same version. One per trilogy (technology generation) is enough.


That would indeed be cool, but I do like the more subtle differences in arrangement, performance, recording, and mixing that we've gotten over the years. I do wish the prequel and sequel trilogies had unique recordings for each film, like the OT, but that's mostly just because I find it interesting. The films themselves are served just fine by one recording per trilogy.


That being said, I certainly won't complain if somehow we get a (final) new recording for TROS!

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The greater presence and lyricism of the violins is just there because they’re the closest to Rian’s phone :-)


Also there’s something likeable about the sound of the trumpets because, unlike on the actual recordings, you can actually sense that they’re at a distance and that there’s some space involved. 

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Woohoo, someone (JJ?) pulled through with the goods this time. It just wouldn't be the final Star Wars score without a JW-conducted main title.


Really makes me wonder what the heck happened with TLJ. Rian even refers to there being a new recording in the director's commentary, so someone pulled the wool over his eyes. 

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