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David Arnold's STARGATE (1994) - 2019 2CD La-la Land Records edition


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The film score presentation on the LLL is perfect to me!


Its runtime is 1:20:03, so 3 seconds too long for a single CD  :P


Not really sure what most of the remaining disc 2 tracks are, presumably album tracks? But most of them are superfluous and the film score is enough for me.

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Everything after the main program is mostly album versions / edits (everything in the main program is the film version), and some other alternates that weren't on the OST and debut here. 

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On 18/10/2022 at 10:39 AM, Jay said:



I ended up watching the Extended Cut, which overall I found to be a better film than the Theatrical cut.  The one downside, though, is that it’s extremely clear that Arnold never scored any of the footage they put back in (other than the opening Abduction scene), which is to be expected.... however the problem is that whoever was in charge of adding music to the new scenes did a very bad job!  Often the tone of the music put in didn’t really match the tone of the scene, but much worse is that some of the edits are super noticeable and jarring, not smooth at all.  There was one time where a cue was artificially ended so abruptly and obviously I wondered how it ever passed whatever quality control they had when making this cut… 


So long story short, if you want to watch the film solely to appreciate the score, watch the theatrical cut; If you want a more developed story with more character development, watch the Extended Cut - but just be prepared to be annoyed by bad music edits in some of the additional scenes :lol: 


Independence Day is exactly the same in terms of its bad editing of the score for the added scenes. 

Unlike Stargate, the theatrical of iD4 is the (far) better version, though some scenes in the extended are interesting enough. The problem is the audio mix for them is essentially mono and likely temp. The two worst examples of the music not flowing with the film are: 

1. The short added scene during the "Welcome Wagon" sequence where David and his father Julius are in the Oval Office. Julius is mesmerized by simply being there, which prompts David to joke that "imagine a poor immigrant like me. It's a dream!"

The scene not only breaks the tension too much, but literally breaks the sequence (and music) in two - it's dropped in there with no style or effort whatsoever. 


2. in the height of the end battle sequence, after the brief moment of levity with Julius gathering people to pray and Nimziki saying he's not Jewish ("nobody's perfect" Julius remarks. Unlike the added Oval Office scene this light tension breaker works well here - and it's theatrical) another scene is just dropped in without any effort put into it: This whole unnecessary subplot of the Casse children / daughter bonding with another kid (the curly-haired kid from "My So Called Life") was added to this extended cut, and culminates in a lame payoff of an earlier joke of the daughter not wanting to die a virgin. Very low in the audio mix you can hear the faintest bit of "Master Alarm" from Horner's APOLLO 13 in there, clearly temp score (as Arnold mentioned in the LLL album liner notes). 


I adore Independence Day. All these years later it's still one of my dearest favorite movies (and favorite score) but man...the extended cut isn't worth a watch more than once. 



As for that abrupt cut in the Stargate music, I think I know which scene you mean: 

The 'Slave Rebellion' sequence was extended with a sandstorm and the music cuts were just piss-poor. Just awful.

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Heh yea, I remember watching the Extended Cut of ID4 and thinking some of the adds were pretty cool, but others... not so much.  I don't think I ever watched it with an ear for the music edits, but boy that sounds disappointing!  This part, though:


On 20/10/2022 at 4:01 AM, NL197 said:

Very low in the audio mix you can hear the faintest bit of "Master Alarm" from Horner's APOLLO 13 in there, clearly temp score


Holy cow, that's nuts!  Now I want to bust out the blu ray just to hear this :lol:

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Okay this is nuts: 

The 4K audio for Independence Day has the SCORE REMOVED from the Welcome Wagon / Oval Office additional

scene so the audio cut is not so jarring anymore. 

WOW. I had NO idea until I decided to revisit that just now. 



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