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Nevada Smith: The Paramount Westerns Collection - 4CD Box Set from La-La Land Records NOW AVAILABLE

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Music by Alfred Newman, Nelson Riddle, Walter Scharf, Johnny Douglas, Paul Dunlap, David Raskin, Harry Sukman, Roy Webb, Franz Waxman, Daniele Amfitheatrof and Victor Young
Limited Edition of 1000 Units


La-La Land Records and Paramount Pictures proudly present NEVADA SMITH: THE PARAMOUNT WESTERNS COLLECTION, a deluxe 4-CD soundtrack collection of original film score recordings from Paramount Pictures’ big-screen westerns NEVADA SMITH (1966), EL DORADO (1967), THREE VIOLENT PEOPLE (1957), KID RODELO (1966), WALK LIKE A DRAGON (1960), WILL PENNY (1968), THE HANGMAN (1959), BRANDED (1950), THE FURIES (1950), COPPER CANYON (1950), and STREETS OF LAREDO (1949).


Meticulously restored from Paramount Pictures’ vault elements, this exciting compilation features original score recordings from eleven of the studio’s western features spanning the course of two decades. Most of these recordings are making their world premiere here, and many contain material not heard in their respective films. It’s a sonic treasure chest, showcasing Hollywood’s top Golden Age maestros at the apex of their craft, working in a legendary genre. Composers Alfred Newman, Nelson Riddle, Walter Scharf, Johnny Douglas, Paul Dunlap, David Raskin, Harry Sukman, Roy Webb, Franz Waxman, Daniele Amfitheatrof and Victor Young are represented here, their music encompassing a breathtaking variety, from grand orchestral sweep to spare and intimate moments – and everything in-between.


Produced by John Takis and Frank K. DeWald, with audio restoration by Chris Malone, this special 4 disc collection is limited to 1000 units, and features a 36 page booklet with exclusive, in-depth liner notes written by the producers. Dan Goldwasser’s art design corals the packaging together in classic fashion.



NEVADA SMITH (Alfred Newman)
1. Nevada Smith Main Title 2:31
2. The Desperados Ride Off / Death and Desolation 4:12
3. The Lonely Prairie 2:51
4. The Next Morning 4:44
5. Going West 3:35
6. Neesa, the Indian Girl 4:32
7. Mississippi River Boat 1:58
8. Pilar, the Cajun Girl / Second Meeting 4:20
9. Escape Through the Swamp 6:24
10. Pilar’s Death and Burial 4:39
11. Eldorado Country / Eldorado Frontier 1:40
12. The Mission Chapel / The Padre’s Parable 3:46
13. Fitch’s Hideout 1:27
14. The Gold Wagon 2:10
15. Nevada Smith End Title 1:55


EL DORADO (Nelson Riddle)
16. El Dorado Main Title (George Alexander, vocal) 2:36 Music by Nelson Riddle, Lyrics by John Gabriel
17. Hasta Luego 1:03
18. Luke’s Life Lingers 0:46
19. Come Get Your Boy / Ambush / Cole’s Misery 2:03
20. Hasta La Vista / San Miguel 1:26
21. La Cantina 2:15
22. Charlie’s Demise / The First Stroke 1:23
23. Ride, Boldly Ride 1:53
24. The Night and the Stars 0:44
25. Maria Informs / Outmaneuvered 3:36
26. Message From Maudie / McLeod Catches Cole 1:06
27. The Farewell 2:55
28. Bugle Call / Shootout 1:24
29. El Dorado Finale 0:51
30. El Dorado Main Title (alternate) (John Gabriel, vocal) 2:35 Music by Nelson Riddle, Lyrics by John Gabriel
31. El Dorado – Main Title Theme 1:05
Total Time: 28:15




1. Paramount Seal – Revised (Van Cleave) / Three Violent People Prelude 1:46
2. Saunders Apologizes 4:35
3. Here Comes the Bride / The Bedroom / My Wild and Reckless Heart (whistling) 1:46
4. The Brothers Meet / Passion and Pastoral / Hoyt’s Ranch 1:57
5. Lorna Was Her Name 1:20
6. For Services Rendered 2:57
7. True Love? 1:13
8. Stolen Horses / The Stampede (extended) 4:42
9. The K.O. of Cinch / Vaya Con Dios 2:33
10. Cinch’s Showdown 3:32
11. Three Violent People End Title 0:42
12. Guitarioso 2:19
13. My Wild and Reckless Heart (vocal) 2:36 Music by Walter Scharf, Lyrics by Bebe Blake
Total Time: 32:20


KID RODELO (Johnny Douglas)
14. Kid Rodelo Main Title (Kid Rodelo Theme) / Guards 1:50
15. Kid Rodelo Theme 1:28
16. Escape 3:32
17. Link’s Death 1:18
18. Real Gold 1:22
19. Cholla 0:54
20. Love Is Trouble (Tom Glazer) 1:05
21. Riding / Buzzards & Coyotes* 3:10
22. Kid & Indian 2:12
23. Keep Moving / Transportation 2:38
24. Indian Attack 1:37
25. Kid Rodelo Finale (Love Is Trouble) (Tom Glazer) 1:17
Total Time: 22:46
* Includes “Love Is Trouble” by Tom Glazer


26. Paramount Seal 0:09
27. Walk Like a Dragon (short version) (Composed and sung by Mel Tormé) 1:43
28. Slave Market 1:38
29. Traveling With a Pretty Purchase 1:09
30. Cheng’s Shame 2:21
31. Linc Comes Home 1:13
32. A Sacred Oath** 1:25
33. Masters Becomes a Corpse** / A Teacher for Cheng 2:06
34. Kim’s Story / Linc Comes Home II 2:48
35. The American Dress 1:23
36. The Death of Deacon** / The Avengers 3:00
37. Kim Pleads / Walk Like a Dragon Finale** 2:20
38. Paramount Seal (alternate) 0:11
39. Walk Like a Dragon (long version) (Composed and sung by Mel Tormé) 2:17
Total Time: 24:22
** Includes “Walk Like a Dragon” by Mel Tormé



WILL PENNY (David Raksin)

1. Logo 0:10
2. Will Penny (extended) 6:24
3. One More Hand / The Wholly Family 2:01
4. An Eye for an Eye / No Good Way 2:51
5. Maybe So 1:27
6. De-Bunking / Fahrwud 1:25
7. Quincemeat 2:37
8. Behind the Ears / Twixt Sap and Bark 2:09
9. With Boston Charley / Merry Christmas 3:34
10. 2/4 D Lean 2 0:49
11. Wagon Fix / Sulpher Little Children / Smoked Cad 2:28
12. Farewell / Theme From Will Penny (The Lonely Rider) (Don Cherry,vocal) 6:33 Music by David Raksin, Lyrics by Robert Wells
13. Theme From Will Penny (rock version) 2:33
14. The Lonely Rider (demo) 2:25 Music by David Raksin, Lyrics by Robert Wells
Total Time: 37:38


THE HANGMAN† (Harry Sukman)
15. The Hangman Prelude 2:09
16. To Fort Kenton 0:28
17. Selah’s Tempted 0:47
18. Amy Hopkins / Heart-Throb / No Selah 1:37
19. Bovard Briefs the Witness 2:24
20. Pedro and Big Murph / Drop the Handkerchief 2:31
21. Anguish 1:36
22. Johnny’s Home 1:45
23. Witness on Parade 3:00
24. Weston Weakens 1:40
25. The Plot Thickens 3:13
26. The Shooting / The Chase 2:51
27. Bovard’s Story 3:08
28. The Jail Break 1:58
29. The Hangman Finale 1:18
Total Time: 30:50


BRANDED (Roy Webb)
30. Branded Prelude 1:08
31. A Short Talk 1:56
32. The Trek 1:35
33. Branded Finale / Cast 0:47
Total Time: 5:32


34. The Rakes of Mallow (Streets of Laredo) 0:59
35. Hotel Piano (The Hangman) 1:19
36. Pedro (The Hangman) 0:27
37. Party Guitar (The Furies) 1:01
38. The Town Turns Out (Copper Canyon) 0:44
39. Copper Canyon (Copper Canyon) 0:44
Total Time: 5:23



THE FURIES (Franz Waxman)

1. The Furies Prelude / Clay’s Introduction (film version) 2:24
2. Juan and Vance 0:36
3. Posting the Invitation / A Woman Scorned 1:33
4. Stay off the Furies / The Herreras’ Home 4:06
5. Restless Love 1:50
6. Vance’s Vengeance 3:22
7. Attacking the Herrera Fortress 1:13
8. The Squatters’ Surrender 2:44
9. Buying T.C.’s Montage 1:00
10. The King of the Furies 2:00
11. The Furies Cast 0:29
12. Clay’s Introduction (original version) 1:29
Total Time: 23:08


COPPER CANYON (Daniele Amfitheatrof)
13. Copper Canyon Prelude / Foreword (extended) 1:56
14. Copper Valley 0:48
15. The Tale / Young and Old Love 2:11
16. The Informer 1:47
17. A Mysterious Helper / The Chase / Johnny’s Deception 5:10
18. Unexpected Help 1:56
19. Balfour’s Murder 1:32
20. Johnny’s Intrusion / Johnny Takes Command 4:54
21. The Showdown 3:01
22. Copper Canyon Finale / Cast 1:02
Total Time: 24:36


23. Streets of Laredo Prelude 2:35
24. Rannie Joins Up 3:55
25. Rannie and New Trouble (partial) 3:05
26. Saloon Piano / Law & Order 4:05
27. Calico’s Hacienda 3:53
28. A Ranger’s Revenge 3:39
29. Jim Proposes 3:59
30. Jim Takes the Job 3:19
31. A Tense Situation / The Last Chapter (partial) / The Cast (based on “Streets of Laredo” by Jay Livingston & Ray Evans) 3:01
Total Time: 31:48




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This for me is the greatest release of the batch, and the best deal as well.


 Newman’s Nevada Smith film recording, at last! Ditto Raksin’s Will Penny! (The album recordings could still use official CD releases in great sound, but licensing them probably would have really upped the cost of this set like the Williams disaster set...)

Waxman’s The Furies! And plenty other scores by interesting composers to discover!



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20 minutes ago, woj said:

Solid pass. I've never heard of any of these movies. Bottom of the barrel kind of release. 

Nonsense. I don’t mean this to sound as harsh as it does, but to be perfectly frank you are only displaying your own ignorance.


Nevada Smith is prime 60s Newman and has been one of his most requested scores for decades. It was assumed to be lost except for the album re-recording which was done with a reduced orchestra.


Ditto for Raksin’s Will Penny — one of his best scores and most requested on CD.


The Furies (Waxman) is a great film which was released by none other than the Criterion Collection! I’m glad to see the music get a release.


I’m not a big Riddle fan but El Dorado is also pretty well known. Now most of the rest of the film titles I confess I don’t know, but dismissing them and this release overall as “bottom of the barrel” without even giving sound clips a chance is just downright insulting on your part.


Here’s the Nevada Smith OST for any curious, but just realize that this was a an album re-recording made with reduced orchestra, and LLL has not even licensed it for inclusion on this set anyway. Still it should still convince you (the open-minded among you, anyway) that the score is excellent:


Here’s the film version of the Main Title:


Damn good stuff if you love westerns as a film music genre! Composed around the same time he did How the West Was Won, and maybe an even better score overall though HTWWW’s main theme can’t be beat.





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This'll definitely be a "listen to the samples to decide" sort of release for me. I haven't seen any of these films,I don't think, but I do love some good Western music. Might be worth the purchase for me.

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Cool release! Definitely something I would have been interested in back in the day when I actually bought CDs (as opposed to now, when I only have a shortlist of 23 albums that I need for completist's sake; nothing more, nothing less). Perhaps I'll inquire about a digital promo; the roster of composers on this set is pretty damn impressive.

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A generous person gave me some quick custom covers they made for themselves, and told me that I could share them on the forums too for others, though they didn't want any credit. So here they are!

PW01 - Nevada Smith.jpg


PW02 - El Dorado.jpg


PW03 - Three Violent People.jpg


PW04 - Kid Rodelo.jpg


PW05 - Walk Like A Dragon.jpg


PW06 - Will Penny.jpg


PW07 - The Hangman.jpg

PW08 - Branded.jpg



PW09 - The Furies.jpg



PW10 - Copper Canyon.jpg

PW11 - Streets Of Laredo.jpg

And raferjanders on the FSM board made a couple covers as well... I think I like his cover for Waxman's The Furies best:


And here's his for Nevada Smith:


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Dear customers,

Thanks so much for your support of our label. We want to update you on some short shipping delays.

Due to unexpected manufacturer delays, stock is arriving a litter later on our Black Friday announced titles than originally scheduled. We will begin shipping the DISASTER SOUNDTRACK JOHN WILLIAMS SET and VOYAGER VOL 2 on December 10th. Orders that contain KARATE KID, STARGATE and the PARAMOUNT WESTERN COLLECTION are scheduled to begin shipping on December 16th.

Rest assured, we will be working very hard and will have all customer orders received by December 19 shipped out before we close our shipping department for the holidays. As previously stated, any online orders placed 12/20-1/1 will begin shipping out when we reopen on 1/2.

Thank you so much for your patronage and your patience and we wish you all a happy and safe holidays!

La-La Land Records


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