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King Mark

What public homage/award to Williams would make you feel the most happy?

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6 hours ago, mrbellamy said:

Nobel Peace Prize of course



They would invent the Nobel Prize in Music just to award Williams! Then on the next year the award would go to Zimmer or David Guetta or something :(


9 hours ago, Stefancos said:

A funeral pyre!


A viking funeral! Oh wait, Williams haven't scored many viking related movies...


Maybe they'll put his body on a space shuttle and send it to space, then.

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He has enough prizes and awards as it is, and none would make me, personally, particularly happy. But I'd love to see him get the Polar Music Prize (which Morricone got some 10 years ago), together with some other musical legends. I guess it would be a bit like the Kennedy Honors show, but I'm a sucker for that kind of genre mish-mash. Watching Morricone watch Björk at the Polar Music Awards in question, for example, was interesting.

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