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The Rise of Skywalker - For Your Consideration (FYC) Album Discussion

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Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker - For Your Consideration (FYC) Album   01 Prologue (1:45) 02 Falcon Flight (2:22) 03 We Go Together (2:10) 04 In the Desert (2:26) 05 A Prisoner (1:2

How's this to get us started     01 Prologue (1:45) 0:08 Kylo Ren's Theme 0:43 NEW THEME #1 (the swirly one) 0:48 Kylo Ren's Theme 02 Falcon Flight (2:22)

Either way I'm definitely at least 5% more pumped up for the film though. Listening to some of the music has given me some ideas on what might happen, and I'm curious if any of the scenes match what's in my head.


I'm hoping the very last "actiony" portion of "Seeing Sights" isn't the death of Palpatine. That would be way too short IMO. I don't want the overarching villain of the entire franchise for the past 40+ years to die in less than a minute.

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30 minutes ago, Tydirium said:

Maaan, the last minute of "Farewell" is quite possibly one of my favorite things he's written in recent years, if not ever. It has an all-time-classic type feel to it; I have a feeling that this will be one of those Williams moments that we listen to and talk about for years to come. Can't express how badly I would love a concert suite based on this theme.


me too but we can't be sure since a lot of his themes don't have concert versions

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3 minutes ago, First TROS March Accolyte said:





ross = me 

rachel = TROS ost

phoebe  TROS fyc

this gif = Yay This is the SW score I've been waiting for since ROTJ


E.T. references! ROTJ references! TLJ references! ANH references! A Prologue! Falcon Flight is amazing! Farewell = crying emoji! I'm going insane! 

Please ignore this because I'm going insane! TROS is the best score of this century!


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11 minutes ago, RadJ said:

The bit of action music in the "They fly now?" clip is not present on the FYC album funnily enough



Williams has done around 135 minutes of the music for this film and we have only heard 50. Which means that around 85 minutes of more music we haven't heard as yet. Around 25 minutes will be added in the OST album.

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26 minutes ago, The Illustrious Jerry said:

Hehe, just been thinking...is the track title Hard to Get Rid Of in reference to Palps? :lol:


Might be a reference to John Williams, actually:


"You need a better composer than I am for this film."

"I know. But you're hard to get rid of!"

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