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Olympic Fanfare and Theme - New Jazz Arrangement by Miho Hazama

Disco Stu

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I am a HUGE fan of this piece by Williams.  It is in fact this piece that put Williams on the radar for me, and not his film music.


The composer did a REALLY good job on this, and I like it.

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Yes, that's a pretty good version. It's sufficiently far away from the original composition to make it interesting on its own. It goes pretty wild there for a while, before the coda. It's a bit like that piece with two "colliding" marching bands, the "Buckle Down Winsocki" track that Williams recorded for his RHYTHM IN MOTION album.

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6 hours ago, Disco Stu said:


Modern big band is a particular interest of mine as I think there are leaders/arrangers working in that space that are pushing jazz forward in really cool and innovative ways.  It's not just a scene for slick, toothless throwback swing/bebop bands, there are people like Alan Ferber, John Hollenbeck, Christopher Zuar, Ted Nash, Dafnis Prieto, etc. etc. that are doing interesting things with big band music.


Anyway, every year I take a look at the Grammy nominees for Best Large Ensemble Jazz Album to see what albums I might have missed over the last year.  Hazama's album was nominated, I hadn't heard of it before, and I was very surprised to see the Olympic piece on the tracklist when I looked it up to stream it!

Wow, recently I was actually wanting to explore whoever might be doing modern takes on big band and/or swing music. Thanks for listing out some names!


If you have any other suggestions I'll add them to my list as I start exploring.

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