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New TROS clip featuring Duel Of The Fates: is it from the score?

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The fact that it's popped up in multiple commercials, I would actually be kinda surprised now if it isn't in the movie. 

I almost guarantee it will be in the score. It’s a brilliant reprise especially if John didn’t write an overarching theme for the fight. It’ll sure hype up even the most casual Star Wars fan 

1 minute ago, Manakin Skywalker said:

It was in another trailer last month. I'm betting it's just trailer music, but I'd be pleasantly surprised if there is some sort of rendition in the film.


I know the TV spot you speak of, but this is a little different, if I'm not mistaken.

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Didn't know where else to put this, but looks like Sanskrit has become "insta-Sith Language"



Other Easter eggs in “Rise of Skywalker” include the sound of hundreds of chanting Sith cultists. The words are Sanskrit, and translate to “Revenge, Soul, Kill.” Wood credits voice actor Sam Witwer for coming up with the phrase.



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