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MPORTANT: Based on our previous ones these concerts WILL sell out pretty quickly so please buy your tickets earlier rather than later.

For those who have not attended our previous concerts, these were conceived by me over a lifetime of film music concert going. The emphasis is on the music I NEVER ever heard done by the composers themselves or anyone else. Future ones will include, of course, a John Williams night. For this one we include iconic Elmer Bernstein material like TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD, THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN, THE GREAT ESCAPE, GHOSTBUSTERS and TRUE GRIT. But while we have you here we will explore scores that no one has ever played including WHERE’S JACK, THE TIN STAR, HAWAII, THE SILENCERS,  ROBOT MONSTER, GOLD, THE HALLELUJAH TRAIL, I LOVE YOU ALICE B TOKLAS, BRIDGE AT REMAGEN, HUD and many more.



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I guess this is not a popular concept, here anyway, playing the offbeat items from a composer. Or maybe not in concert form. Anyway, as mentioned above, Williams as well as Goldsmith and Tiomkin are my future goals, if this concert does well. It is hot on other forums.

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