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The Rise of Skywalker - COMPLETE SCORE Discussion - SPOILERS ALLOWED!

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You're all welcome.  

OK.  I saw the film in the theater last night.  And holy motherforking shirtballs, THIS SCORE IS INCREDIBLE.   I cannot recall another experience quite like this one, where I went to the the

I tried so hard to like this film. I held out until the very end hoping that something might happen to salvage what a mess this "final" entry was in my eyes, but nothing happened. In what was possibly

3 minutes ago, Manakin Skywalker said:


Yes, it wasn't originally from ScoringSessions, but was uploaded to a B-Roll YouTube channel back in December. Since then it has already been discussed and analyzed in depth.


Ah cool. Just came across it looking at ScoringSessions and didn't recall seeing it. Disregard!

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Have FLACs of the FYC made the rounds by now? Because, unlike TFA and TLJ, this one is continuing to be elusive... :huh:


I'm also feeling the need to get some lemon curd later today... :lol:

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I was hoping perhaps SABAM might provide some insight into the ordering or duration of cues, but alas, they have one entry for the entire Rise of Skywalker score, with all the individual cue titles given as alternate titles for this same entry, and all in alphabetical order.


It appears to be identical to the GEMA cue list (apart from the inexplicable inclusion of ‘Fun With Finn and Rose’, which I don’t believe is even tracked into TROS, and in any case, no other tracked cues are listed here):


Alternative Title BEFORE THE CHASE
Alternative Title BEN TO REY
Alternative Title BIG SHIP BLOWS UP
Alternative Title BOWS
Alternative Title CHILDREN'S SCHOOL
Alternative Title CLIMBING
Alternative Title COCKPIT DIALOG
Alternative Title DAISY IN A VEIL
Alternative Title DROPPING THE SABRE
Alternative Title EMPEROR'S ATTACK
Alternative Title FALCON'S LAST TRIP
Alternative Title FATHER KNOWS BEST
Alternative Title FILIAL FENCING
Alternative Title FIXING THE HELMET
Alternative Title FUN WITH FINN AND ROSE
Alternative Title GENEALOGY
Alternative Title GOOD SHIP, BAD SHIP
Alternative Title HALLWAY SHOOTING
Alternative Title HARD TO GET RID OF
Alternative Title HE WON'T REMEMBER
Alternative Title HEALING WOUNDS
Alternative Title HERO FIGHT
Alternative Title HORN SOLO
Alternative Title HORSES #2
Alternative Title I AM ALL THE SITH
Alternative Title I'M THE SPY
Alternative Title IT FITS!
Alternative Title KNIGHTS OF REN
Alternative Title LANDING AT ?
Alternative Title LANDO
Alternative Title LEIA LIES DOWN
Alternative Title LEIA'S SABRE
Alternative Title LUKE'S ADVICE
Alternative Title MAKE THE SACRIFICE
Alternative Title MEDITATION
Alternative Title MORE ACTION
Alternative Title MORE MAZ
Alternative Title NAME THAT TUNE
Alternative Title OCHI AND THE DAGGER
Alternative Title OFF THE WATERFRONT
Alternative Title ON THEIR KNEES
Alternative Title PARENTS
Alternative Title POE AND GIRLFRIEND
Alternative Title PSALM OF THE SITH
Alternative Title READY TO BE A JEDI
Alternative Title RED EYES
Alternative Title REN'S ENTRANCE
Alternative Title REY AND REN
Alternative Title REY CLIMBS PIPES
Alternative Title REY MEETS LUKE
Alternative Title REY SEES MOTHER
Alternative Title REY WAKES UP
Alternative Title REY'S MISSION
Alternative Title REY'S TRAINING
Alternative Title REY'S TRIP TO P
Alternative Title SABRE TOSS
Alternative Title SEVEN ONE
Alternative Title SEVEN TWELVE
Alternative Title SHIP TRIP
Alternative Title SHIP, WALK AND TALK
Alternative Title SIX TWELVE
Alternative Title SPY'S MESSAGE
Alternative Title STOP AND START
Alternative Title TELL ME WHAT THEY ARE
Alternative Title THE CROWD JOINS IN
Alternative Title THE DUNKIRK SHOT
Alternative Title THE EMPEROR LIVES
Alternative Title THE FEELING
Alternative Title THE FORGE
Alternative Title THE LAST FIGHT
Alternative Title THE MEDAL
Alternative Title THE MEETING
Alternative Title THE WISDOM OF MAZ
Alternative Title THROUGH THE JUNGLE
Alternative Title TO THE END
Alternative Title TUNNEL MONSTER
Alternative Title UNDER A BLANKET
Alternative Title VADER'S CASTLE
Alternative Title WAYFINDER INSERT
Alternative Title ZUCINI?
Audiovisual Production Title STAR WARS: THE RISE OF SKYWALKER


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On 5/14/2020 at 9:04 PM, JohnnyD said:



Maestro, Lucasfilm and Mike Matessino: please release a remastered, expanded and definitive collection of all nine scores. I don't care how much it would cost to purchase; I'd buy it in a heartbeat.


All NINE?!?!?


On 5/15/2020 at 8:35 AM, JohnnyD said:



LOL! Seriously, though, a set containing all nine scores would probably be 21 to 22 CDs, judging by my calculations:



So, an eventual set would probably be between $130 to $170, though I might be wrong on that. At max, it could be $200; that might be an overestimation, though.

Either way, it would be worth it and then some!



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So how many minutes of unreleased music is there finally (not on OST/FYC and that menu cue)?


And how many minutes of unreleased music was there in The Last Jedi prior to the iso score (counting only the OST and FYC)

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9 minutes ago, King Mark said:

So how many minutes of unreleased music is there finally (not on OST/FYC and that menu cue)?


Obviously there's a ton of material we aren't aware of, so there's probably like 2 hours of unreleased material altogether (just a random guess, don't quote me on that).


In terms of unreleased music from the film itself, about 34 minutes... give or take about a minute.

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9 minutes ago, King Mark said:

yeah I meant from the film. Jay first said about 45 minutes. so it's only 34 minutes?


Yes. I've made my edit already and posted all of the unreleased material here. There's about 34 minutes and 29 seconds, however one of the cues, "Journey to Exegol" is a mix of released and unreleased material, which is why I said "give or take about a minute".

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Depends how you define unreleased music. If you only mean unreleased music used in the film itself, it's a very different answer to unreleased music that was recorded (as there's a substantial amount recorded and unused, over 100 minutes for TROS). Then there's music on the OST not used in the film.


I think the film itself has about ten minutes unscored, ten minutes tracked from previous scores, and lots of repetition of TROS cues tracked multiple times (Falcon Flight). And lots of cues are only used in short fragments (when their complete form was minutes longer).

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1 hour ago, Mattris said:

What evidence indicates that over 100 minutes of TROS score was recorded but went unused? That sounds like an entire other score!


The simple fact that Williams said 227 minutes were recorded and only 123 minutes of music is used in the film, of which 10+ minutes is tracked from previous scores, more from TROS itself, plus source music JW had nothing to do with.


So we've only heard the ~110 minutes of original music in the film, plus anything on the OST that went unused (like the concert suite and alternates).

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When JW says there were 226 minutes of music recorded for Episode IX, any idea how he would reach that figure? It can't be all the music recorded on each recording day, there would be way more, right? Does that figure represent just the final (or preferred) takes of each cue, all added up?


If they want to go the Beatles route and do super-deluxe versions of each Star Wars album with every cue plus alternate takes, yes I will pay for that. :)

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On 6/27/2020 at 2:49 PM, Smaug the iron said:

One thing I really like in this score is the Force Theme in Reunion at 0.30. Because it is the same version as in Farewell and the Trip from TFA but more complete. 


Here you have the Force Theme at 0.48 but it is only the first half of the theme, suggesting that they won the battle not the war. 


Here you have it in TROS at 0.30 but now in complete form because they have won the war. 



It's called "make the temp copying sound less obvious". 

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8 hours ago, BrotherSound said:

Oh, that figure would definitely not be all the raw takes. Very often cues are assembled from more than one take anyway. Sandy DeCrescent (orchestra personnel contractor) mentioned JW usually gets down something like 10-15 minutes of finished music per session, which is actually a lot considering the complexity of a lot of it and allowing for rehearsal time.



So, Mike Mattesino mentioned in his recent Legacy of John Williams Podcast interview (shoutout to @TownerFan!) that they often just keep recording between takes at these sessions, capturing comments from the podium, false starts, etc. He mentioned he’d love to include some of that in expanded releases, but Williams is opposed, and there’s complications with the union contracts involved (which also comes up with session video footage and photos). Even those Beatles sets don’t include every last take, just ones that are different enough that they’re basically the equivalent of alternates.


Thanks for the info, I thought there must be a lot more actual recordings. A lot of it would be bad takes and false starts, but since the Anthology box set way back when had about five different Main Title takes on it - and all good takes to my ear at least - I've wondered how much  good stuff they actually have hidden away! Those Main Title takes are all of course the exact same cue but very different and well worth hearing. If there's rights issues involved then that's a problem but maybe a few highlights could be cleared? The Anthology boxset felt like a miracle from above back in the 90s so maybe history can repeat itself!

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12 hours ago, 77 said:

Those Main Title takes are all of course the exact same cue but very different and well worth hearing. If there's rights issues involved then that's a problem but maybe a few highlights could be cleared? The Anthology boxset felt like a miracle from above back in the 90s so maybe history can repeat itself!

The 1997 special edition release is the one that has the raw Main Title takes. Even though it’s all the same cue, there must have instructions from the podium to take out instruments and the pickup beat between takes, as well as some major differences in the mixing. 

I’m glad it was able to be included then, but I suspect it wouldn’t happen now: it sounds like John Williams is much more involved with approving expanded releases than at that time. Anyone know if he signed off on those releases (or the Anthology box set, for that matter)?

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On 6/28/2020 at 1:20 PM, BrotherSound said:

It really is! The amount of unheard music is roughly as long as the entire Episode IV score.


We actually have exactly total lengths of the music recorded for all 3 sequel trilogy films. The TROS number is directly from JW, during his KUSC interview earlier this year:


The Force Awakens 174 minutes (2h 54m)

The Last Jedi 183 minutes (3h 3m)

The Rise of Skywalker 226 minutes (3h 46m)


Sequel Trilogy total: 583 minutes (9h 43m)


I’m not sure if the TFA figure includes the JW trailer scores recorded in November 2014 and April 2015.


Due to tracking, it’s difficult to get exact numbers, but if the Disney soundtrack gods ever decide to smile upon us, we can expect about 50 minutes more TFA (though bits of some unused cues already turned up in bonus features), 35 minutes of TLJ, and 90 minutes for TROS. This would be a combination of completely unused cues, bits of released cues that were edited out, and alternates. All three ST scores would require 3 CDs each to fit everything!

My calculations were correct then, give or take a minute or two for Episode VII:


So for the entire Saga, that would be two CDs for Episode I: The Phantom Menace (two hours and 30 minutes of music), two CDs for Episode II: Attack of the Clones (two hours and ten minutes of music), two CDs for Episode III: Revenge of the Sith (two hours and 15 minutes of music), two CDs for Episode IV: A New Hope (an hour and 32 minutes of music), two CDs for Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back (two hours and five minutes of music), two or three CDs for Episode VI: Return of the Jedi (two hours and 40 minutes of music), three CDs for Episode VII: The Force Awakens (2 hours and 56 minutes of music), three CDs for Episode VIII: The Last Jedi (three hours and three minutes of music) three or four CDs for Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker (three hours and 46 minutes of music).

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