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The Rise of Skywalker OST Album Discussion

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On 12/31/2019 at 1:40 AM, TheUlyssesian said:

If it fit they wouldn't have cut it out.


My guess - JW wrote a version of the speed chaser cue for an earlier version of the scene. 


JJ then tinkered with the scene and recut it. JW adapted to it.


JJ again recut it. JW is like fuck it - I am going to my original sketch and writing a concert arrangement for album. JJ baby you can use pieces from it or track music from other places as is your desire anyways.


Both agree. 


JW records his concert arrangement for album. JJ out of respect uses a tiny portion in the film.


All sides happy. JJ can fuck the hell off. And we can get a great new piece in the vein of asteroid field.




Also listen to the full statement at 46s



It is basically a full theme - not just an action figure. It has a full 4 phrases in this statement - that's almost too much for what is supposed to be an action figure to use in a chase scene. JW couldn't possibly hope to include such a broad statement in the scene specially when he is competing with loud FX. Methinks this might be an expansion of his original sketch - fleshed out for a concert setting.


There is another full statement of the theme at 1:43 - first 3 phrases are intact, 4 has evolved a little bit this time. 


Again at 2:32 there is a full statement of the theme - first 3 phrases are intact, 4th again has evolved. 


(And honestly the theme is good enough to be an actual character theme for some other composer. It is good and memorable enough to be the heroic identity of the action hero character in a swashbuckling film for example. It is so easily malleable that the possibilities are endless.)


So if you are to consider it a concert setting - this is how the theme is stated - 


A. Teasing the first 2 phrases

B. 1st full statement of theme

C. 2nd full statement of theme with some changes

D. 3rd full statement of theme with some changes

E. last 2 phrases taking a bow in a concert ending setting


The piece itself is also just begging to be performed in concerts. It would make an exciting, fast paced and entertaining and fun little performance piece.


On 12/31/2019 at 4:28 AM, Jurassic Shark said:

It's clearly a concert arrangement.


On 12/31/2019 at 9:26 AM, Jay said:

To me The Speeder Chase on the OST is clearly a film cue, with a special, album-only, concert-arrangement-style ending tacked onto the very end of it.


I am sure the scene itself was longer than it is in the final film when Williams wrote this cue, which is why the lengths are different.


Clemensen agrees with my theory. He classifies The Speeder Chase as a concert suite! 



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5 hours ago, TheUlyssesian said:

Is this writer/editor's research and analysis on the score largely sourced from threads on JWFan, Frank Lehman and Mark Richards, etc. or coincidence and he's doing all this work in parallel himself? It's an interesting, very comprehensive review.

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FIrst post here so be nice.
I  LOVE John Williams music--and have for decades (back to 1977 and the first star wars movie).

However, upon listening to this soundtrack (ok, I heard it first while watching the movie), the track  
Rise of Skywalker sounds to me like a song from a totally different movie. 
I starting singing the words "forever and a life time" to the horns---which I know is not from star wars! (I think frozen???) 
starting at :58...yes, I am probably crazy, but I know that theme from a non-star wars movie.

I know that composers reuse themes (ET is in Harry Potter, and James Horner Krull and Star Trek II), so could it be one of his previous themes that I am hearing?
Otherwise, I, too, am missing the battle scene music (like March of the resistance or Scherzo for X-wings).

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was the "first order motif" or whatever people called it used at all in rise of skywalker? in the description for the album written by Neil Yung he says "Balancing light and dark side themes, the appropriate fear and dread are amplified by the skillful usage of the Emperor's associated motifs, "The Imperial March," Kylo Ren's theme, and the ominous First Order theme ("Prologue," "Journey to Exegol," and "Join Me"). 

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