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What will the title of the next big JW box be?

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My guess:   John Williams: The Boring Years   (Sleepers, Stepmom, and Rosewood, with the latter in a new and even more boring edition.)    

Fuck you, for bashing Rosewood!

The John Oliver Collection    

1 hour ago, JTWfan77 said:

John Williams: The Oliver Stone Collection


Yes, after the "Disaster Box" proved that different studios don't particularly care about having their film scores combined in a box set with other studios' film scores, this seems like an obvious candidate for a future LLL box set (especially when none of the 3 scores have been expanded before).


I could actually imagine the request coming from Williams himself; seems he's become fairly open-minded (even proactive) about expansions now that Mike is handling them.

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I don't remember from the podcast: was the one box with different catalog numbers idea an "oh my god why have't we thought of that before", or a "come on, that's such a copout, it'd never work, they won't accept it" kind of thing?

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39 minutes ago, rough cut said:



This time, 2 will include the remastered OST (with all the original edits restored in all its JW-glory, completely ignored on the previous release and almost damn near impossible to re-edit yourself from the original C&C cues).


I’d actually buy that.

Also, they should add the songs.

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