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John Williams to conduct the Cleveland Orchestra in April 2020 (UPDATE: Postponed)

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True. He has a lovely house and wife, a great study and piano and oodles of time to write new music. Perhaps there will be a "Corona concerto" down the road.

It's been officially canceled, though the orchestra is urging people to hold on to their tickets as they're trying to reschedule.    

13 minutes ago, Jay said:

You think he's going to conduct more pieces in Cleveland than he will at Tanglewood?


I haven't even thought about that. Although I'd say that if he's officially announced as the conductor, I'd assume he's at least doing half the concert, which would be more than in Tanglewood. And it very much looks like he's doing the full thing in Vienna, twice, so perhaps he's feeling up to it again for Cleveland as well. Anyway, my main point was that if he's officially listed as the conductor, that's more of a commitment than being host for Film Night.

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1 hour ago, Jay said:

Historically he's always conducted every piece, but post-pacemaker he sometimes only does the second half, like the last couple times I saw him at Symphony Hall in Boston


Yep. Same thing when I saw him in Chicago.

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It hadn't really occurred to me but would orchestras themselves be considered risky 'mass gatherings', given the proximity of all musicians? 


Something I haven't really thought about but definitely a concern for someone of Williams' age. 

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I would be mightily surprised if it WASN'T cancelled. This Corona thing is suppposed to last for months, if not a year, so all cultural events throughout the year are in danger. And most certainly with an 87-year-old man at the helm, even though he's healthier than most.

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