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Yeah, I don't notice anything either.

Time for me to chime in I guess.   1- I am not dead, as apparently some of you have theorised.   2- Things are....pretty dire over here. 546 dead according to the latest numbers, a

I'm fond of the Irish and I am of Irish descent. I'm part Scottish and Irish; my mum's grandmother came from some obscure place called "Daugh" although I have no clue where that is since I've never been. Does that heck mean I'm not going to take the mickey out of an openly anti British cunt on here by calling him a fuckin leprechaun, lol don't be daft. He's been at it for years here and he deserves it. The clue is the part where he didn't deny being xenophobic about the Brits. That's because he admits that he is.

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6 hours ago, bollemanneke said:

Belgium in lockdown for two weeks now. But it's not supposed to be called a lockdown because that word reminds people of terror attacks...


I've heard it's because you're still allowed to go outside (shop, go to work, to walk, sport, let the dog out, etc.) as long as people don't do things in groups (more than 3 people) and keep their distance from one another.

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Oops I seem to have foot-in-mouth disease! Instead of saying 'stay safe' in conversation to people I said 'good luck' to someone who were self-isolating. The thought of it isolating oneself in isolation is worrying, what could one do in this trying time? I suppose keep busy by following the guidelines, or catch up on Netflix, play music. I mean you could get bored quite quickly and you begin to suffocate.

Watching several films like Contagion, Inferno, The Cassandra Crossing, 12 Monkeys, The Invasion, World War Z, The Omega Man spring to mind the stranger

as faction meaning makes it ALL to real. So as there is an element of deliberate terrorism made by CHINA it is only just to think of their consequences when this comes to an end, like serious sanctions, invoice them trillions by the chaos made - so in away isolate this country for good! These movies end with hope for the future, a new beginning, lessons learned (but lessons to avoid) next time....oh yeah 'stay safe!' everyone. Going to check my computer now hopefully that has not been infected with this virus. Rant over! :mellow:

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There are a lot of people out of work and yet still a lot of people going to work and being told to wash their hands. I don't see how we're going to "flatten the curve" with so much business as usual. The beaches in Florida were apparently more packed than Amity on the 4th of July.

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4 minutes ago, Alexcremers said:

I asked my mother what it was and she said it was for washing your feet. 

It's pretty useful for that in summer after mowing the lawn in sandals or something!

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2 hours ago, Bilbo said:

They’ve cancelled the Eurovision.

At last some good news!

Fuckin' A! :thumbup:



8 hours ago, theMaestraX said:

Watching several films like Contagion, Inferno, The Cassandra Crossing and The Omega Man...


Time to dust off my VHS copies of BBC's THE SURVIVORS.



It's official, sports fans: my place of work is closing its doors, this coming Friday, for "an indefinite period of time".

Due to the nature of my work, however, I will be working from home.




1 hour ago, Holko said:

You're just an islander!

It's only an island, if you look at it from the water ;)




21 hours ago, Quintus said:

I'm also a bit Welsh on my dead dad's side.

That explains a lot.

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2 hours ago, Disco Stu said:

Why do you need so much toilet paper?


Because a lot of people are squirmish about actually touching their own butthole. Or they're so dehydrated and malnourished that they are not regular enough, so they need to scrub more. 


If you need to wipe more than five times, take a shower. 


A bidet gives that fresh squeaky shower clean. 

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