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"Skywalkers' Legacy" | New Star Wars Symphonic Suite arrangement

Aaron Fullan

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Neat arrangements.  Well done!  I can tell you're quite skilled and you have a ton of passion for the material.


If you're looking for critiques: your medley doesn't feel like it has continuous momentum from front to back.  It works married to the video but would distract me listening to it on its own.  At times feels like the piece starts, then stops, then starts again etc. It has to do with the repetitive change up in the piece dynamics (pretty frequently a piece enters into the medley at a quiet dynamic until it develops into a louder dynamic).  It hampers the flow.

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Impressive suite @Aaron Fullan! This is the type of medley I was hoping John would compose for the TROS End Credits, but shit happens.


Do you plan to finish it off with the themes from TROS over the next few months?

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Wow, thanks everyone! Really glad you liked the suite. :) 'Preciate the critique as well, @wowbobwow.


Haha agreed, @crumbs. Great idea about adding TROS themes! I just might do that. :up:


@Quintus I don't know about that...is that even possible? Haha, but thank you for the VERY high compliment! :lsabre:

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Wow, @Aaron Fullan! This is so neat! I agree that the pacing could be smoothed a bit, but I love the more creative moments that have fresh takes on the themes - particularly the chorus added to Luke and Leia (my favorite theme), and even more so, the Middle Eastern vocal added to Rey’s Theme (what an amazing sentence that was to type). I love Middle Eastern music, and would LOVE to hear that unique take of Rey’s Theme expanded upon!

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