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PR: Dragon's Domain presents INCIDENT AT RAVEN'S GATE

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INCIDENT AT RAVEN'S GATE  (Exclusive Digital release at 24 Bit)
Click here to order: https://tinyurl.com/s2y2kst 
Digital Only Release

Rachel and Eddie 
Dragon's Domain Digital presents the original soundtrack recording to the 1988 Australian motion picture INCIDENT AT RAVEN'S GATE with music composed by Graham Tardif. In RAVEN'S GATE, a remote country homestead has been mysteriously, and curiously, destroyed. Then strange things begin to happen - cars start and stop without warning, the electricity supply runs erratically and pets turn nasty. It seems that some extra-terrestrial force has come to earth and is responsible for the inexplicable incidents and changes in attitudes among the characters. 
Graham Tardif was raised partially in Melbourne, and mostly along the Northern beaches of Sydney. He developed his love of music at 15, and often truanted on school in order to visit the local record shop. He worked as a sound editor for a short period of time before he decided he wanted to compose music. His first major motion picture was 'A Tale of a Tiger' in 1986, and he hasn't looked back. Widely regarded as one of Australia's greatest film composers, he has over 9 films, 2 T.V. series and several documentaries to his name. 
01. Main Title (3:16)
02. Intruders (1:42)
03. Rachel’s Theme (1:02)
04. Raven’s Gate (2:05)
05. Raven’s Gate Horror and Bodies on Bonnet (1:43)
06. Annie’s Death (0:56)
07. Rachel Alone and Return to Raven’s Gate (2:18)
08. Escape From Raven’s Gate (1:09)
09. Rachel and Eddie (2:14)
10. Richard Attacks and Desolate House (5:00)
11. The Return (2:07)

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He's "widely regarded as one of Australia's greatest film composers", but has only composed music for "over 9" (meaning 10?) films? No offense intended! I've just never heard of him myself (unlike say Bruce Rowland or Christopher Gordon, who I would consider among "Australia's greatest film composers"). I thought it might possibly be a typo.



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Afraid I've never heard of him either. I know Rowland, Gordon, Brian May, David Hirschfelder, Bruce Smeaton, Nigel Westlake, Pete Best, Jed Kurzel, Lisa Gerrard....that kind of stuff. But I love discovering new composers after being a film music buff for 25 years. Thanks for the heads-up!

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