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Expanded: Born on the Fourth of July or War of the Worlds?

Expanded: War of the Worlds or Born on the Fourth of July?   

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  1. 1. Which do you desire more? Expanded BotFoJ or expanded WotW?

    • Born on the Fourth of July (1989) from John Williams
    • War of the Worlds (2005) from John Williams

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Can we not just enjoy Far And Away for like 10 seconds? 

Have you gotten it already? If yes, you may enjoy it for 10 seconds only. 

And of course, from my YouTube channel, the official music video... EDIT: Upgraded the audio of the music video by replacing it with the corresponding track from the 2-track promo CD:  

2 hours ago, Bellosh said:

This is actually a tough one for me, but I'd go War of the Worlds.


I want a reason to really like that score, and I feel like a complete and expanded treatment would do it for me.


Yeah, exactly, same here. I actually already love WotW, but I feel like there's so much "hidden" stuff that would make me see the score in a completely different and new light. Kinda like when the Expanded The Lost World came out--that was a revelation for sure. For me, anyway! 


And I don't feel the same way about BotFoJ! 

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I prefer Born on the Fourth of July, I think is a better score and also because the only expanded edition that I listened don't sound very well, whereas for War of the Worlds is ok. In any case I'll be happy buying any of those expanded editions-

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49 minutes ago, Brundlefly said:

The fact that of being John Williams' shortest OST


The score on the BotFoJ OST album is what? Like 20-30 minutes? And yet, strangely, all the highlights seem to be there. 


2 minutes ago, Bellosh said:


I'm sure MM would give us both versions of each.


The one with the narration we already got. Besides, if we wanted to listen to the narration, we'd simply watch the movie! 

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I'm in the BotFoJ camp, so consider this a shameless attempt to tip the scales a bit.  I recorded this when I attended the Tom Hooten/Trumpet Concerto sessions in 2018.  This was Williams' first run-through with the orchestra while Hooten rested after closing the book on the Concerto.


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That beginning of Born on the Fourth of July (the childhood scenes: parade, baseball home run, fireworks, first kiss, etc.) has to be some of the best John Williams scored moments ever...


It's so good everything else that comes after in the movie feels like a letdown. 


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