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John Williams to conduct the Philadelphia Orchestra with Anne-Sophie Mutter on violin, January 26 & 27, 2021

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I really hope it's recorded and released on CD so we can read endless whining about how the trumpets were late in bar 32, the tempo wasn't right from bars 123-129, and how the orchestra almost complet

An additional concert of the same program is scheduled for January 26, this time in Philadelphia:   https://www.philorch.org/performances/our-season/events-and-tickets/2020-21-season/a-night

I wonder if Williams will make some new arrangements or revisit Han Solo and the Princess, the first page of which showed up in one of Sophie's Instagram posts. I would love to hear that!

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Could this be the occasion where he premieres his violin concerto for Mutter? Or is it not ready yet? The programme doesn't say. But surely, Williams must have done something these last few corona-isolated months.

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27 minutes ago, Thor said:

Ha, ha. Could be! :D


To be fair, I don't recall if he said it's completely finished, and I obviously don't know how accurate his statement was in the first place. But as far as I remember, he said something to the effect that "it's done now".

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In fact, there aren't that many instrument groups left for which he hasn't written a piece in some form. I would have loved to hear a percussion concerto, since so many of his family members were and are percussionists, but in many ways, I think of IMAGES as one. He also hasn't written a trombone concerto, which would be interesting, since it's an instrument he mastered pretty well in his youth (according to himself), presumably second-best after the piano.

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