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Performance of Harry Potter Suite by Hungarian orchestra.

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Whew. I gotta stop somewhere. The rest is coming tomorrow.  

I skipped or condensed sentences here and there to keep my sanity, freeform not word-by-word prerehearsed, studied and memorised speech can be a bit messy anyway. Great concert at the Music Academy, 5

Interesting introduction, for those who understand (like I do, somewhat) Hungarian. The conductor compares the stylistic influence on JW's music of 20th and 21st century music, particularly Russian co

3 minutes ago, Holko said:

I love Hollerung, he made both of his film music selection concerts I've been to very enjoyable with his style and anecdotes. I could try and transcribe/translate that intro tomorrow if anyone's interested.

Thanks, I'm sure many would appreciate that!  

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Just now, carlborg said:

Love the deconstructed parts, even though I can't understand one word of Hungarian

Indeed, I *adored* hearing the separate winds and string in isolation for the Nimbus 2000 theme. Just shows how unfathomably layered and intricate the theme is, even when the trumpets dominate. Most contemporary film composers could only dream of writing as complex as that. 

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21 hours ago, King Mark said:

I'm saving this video. It contains the first good sounding performance of Orchestral Double Trouble

I did not know this piece even existed.  Excellent arrangement.  My favorite remains the crazy string version of the end credits, but this is fun.  

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