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I am now the 19th person to have at least 20,000 posts on JWFan.  A dubious "accomplishment" to say the least.     

20,000 bottles of beer on the wall, 20,000 bottles of beer.  Take one down, pass it around, 19,999 bottles of beer on the wall

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1 hour ago, Jay said:

 I see. I wish him good fortune


I  finally have a shot at beating his post count.  Thought I'm still pretty far behind. But I must be the most consistent JWfan member ever .Always been here since the beginning, with the same (mostly) avartar and screen name.


K.M. sure his JW obsession and posting here for 20+ years  isn't normal either but doesn't want to find out

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Madness. I've been here since the board's beginning almost 20 years ago and only have about 12.000 posts. But I guess that also has a lot to do with the type of topics here. The ones that interest me are few and far between. Also, I guess if I liked this 'banter' thing better, which is so popular here, my count would have gone up quickly.


How it's possible to be here only since 2016 (which seems to be the case for Disco Stu) and reach 20.000 posts, is beyond me.

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3 hours ago, Koray Savas said:

I used to be in the top 3, but then Quint and Drax had a surge in posts over the last few years. 


I think it was because around five years ago you drastically reduced your participation whereas I've continued to post for the sheer hell of it. I remember being ahead of you at first, but you rapidly overtook me during your early tenure, when you were extremely prolific (we all were in those days). Drax was a late bloomer. He was always here, interjecting with inoffensive double sentence posts, but it wasn't until Trump declared his intentions that Drax really doubled down on his contributions, and the nature of the beast was revealed.

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