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Omni Publishing release HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON by John Powell

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And it was, in fact, How To Train Your Dragon   https://omnimusicpublishing.com/product/john-powells-how-to-train-your-dragon-full-orchestral-score/    

Heh, looks like there isn't going to be another one. Ever!

15 minutes ago, Loert said:

How exciting! Hopefully it's "Solo"...🤞


Oh gosh, don't get my hopes up! Though I'd be interested in seeing pretty much any Powell score in the Omni series.


On a related note: I just got my hands on the Hal Leonard piano album of Solo. It's actually quite good for this type of thing, definitely recommend it.

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In an e-mail that Omni sent out on Tues, it stated that coming this Fall are scores from “John Powell, James Horner, and Jerry Goldsmith”.


In no way can that be construed as being in alphabetical order (though, they are listed in counter-alphabetical order).  Might be planned release order.  Schedules can change (dang artwork approval process).


I agree with Jay’s prediction.  No way it’s Solo, that would require approval by Williams.


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And not have it published by Hal Leonard?  When was the last piece done by Williams that wasn’t published by Hal Leonard?


If I’m employed at the time and it is Solo, I’ll buy Loert a copy of it and ship it to him in the UK.  He’ll probably have to quarantine it for two weeks considering how poorly the US is handling Covid-19.


Yeah, I’m that confident.


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Oh man!

Im going to see if the library can order this!


Just looking at the opening bars gives me goosebumps; just like it did when I first screened the film. Genius-

I was hoping Powell would arrange and record a symphonic suite out of this material.

Maybe he already,  has but this release seems to supercede.a potential recording

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1 hour ago, Jurassic Shark said:


The arrangement of Adventures of Han looks a bit too simple, though.


I'd say it's about as faithful to the actual orchestral arrangement as you tend to get with these piano reductions. Though don't make the mistake I did and accidentally get the "Easy Piano" version of the Solo album first; now that's a simple arrangement...

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6 hours ago, Falstaft said:

I'd say it's about as faithful to the actual orchestral arrangement as you tend to get with these piano reductions.


I'd wish they'd make such film music arrangements more optimized for the possibilities and limitations of the piano, instead of a straightforward reduction.

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Considering the price of the book, it's a fair price to pay for a full score, which is more than the written notes - it's hours, days, weeks, months, years of work, money and energy. 


The digital era has made people feel entitled to be perfectly comfortable with stealing. If it's a score that was never made available and the only way to hear it was through online sharing, that's different. If it's made available to purchase and it's within your means to get it, then you have no excuse.

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21 minutes ago, Arpy said:



The digital era has made people feel entitled to be perfectly comfortable with stealing.

Uh huh.

Recently, I purchased a DVD set of a classic tv show. The show is also available ",free" on YT.

After watching  each ep on DVD  , I would go to the YT comments to  see what folks thought. Many people griped about the picture transfer- apparently it was done wrong causing the image to weave.

I don't comment on YT, but if I did I would have said " buy the damn dvd if your dissatisfied".

Entitled generation.

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Ordered this and The Matrix. I was on the fence about buying one of the Omni publications due to the astronomical international shipping rate, but this absolutely sealed the deal, and luckily I can claim it all on tax. The hefty price tag is worth having a physical copy in my hands, with all the annotations and scribbles I want to make. I've seen a lot of the "leaked" pdfs of countless film scores and nothing compares to having a well-engraved, tangible version.


I hope more studios see the value of releasing these scores. It may not be particularly profitable, but the cultural and educational value is immeasurable.


I imagine we'll see Williams scores released like this some day, though likely not any time soon. Star Wars has long since entered the classical canon and deserves to be up on the shelf with the great works of Beethoven, Wagner, Haydn et al.

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On 10/8/2020 at 5:14 PM, bruce marshall said:

There was a change in copyright law where artists regain the master tapes after a period of time. 15? 25? years.

I believe that explains why Morricone has retained control over his score expansions.

Don't know ABOUT USA composers rights.

It depends but since composers are work for hire deals I would think those rules do not apply here.

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So... I think this doesn't count as putting it up. Can anyone who has this tell me if it includes more cue names/slates than the Varese titles?


For example, right off the bat we jump from 1m2 to 1m6. 1m2 is obviously the opening, 1m3/4 is probably the rest up until 1m5 Dragon Battle?

What could be 3m19 between See You Tomorrow and Test Drive? Is the former actually 3m18/19? Or maybe this scene could have made it far enough to be spotted?



Takes place before Stoick speaks with Gobber about Hiccup's new popularity. Stoick is worried that they won't have enough food for the winter and how two ships were lost in the fog.

We go from 3m25 to 3m26b and 3m26c, what's 3m26a?

Kill Ring/Stop the Fight is just marked as 4m27-28 but Not a Viking is 4m30, where's 29? And now suddenly it's including the multiple elements in the title?

Ready/Confront is 4m31 but Relax/Stroke/Hell is 4m33-34?


This is why you just conveniently overlook the slates, John ;):lol:

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