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Paul Hirsch book

Gustavo Joseph

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I'm having a great time reading this new book by Paul Hirsch, the master editor of Carrie, Ferris Bueller's Day Out and, of course, Episodes IV and V. 

Hirsch tells terrific stories about each film of his career, from the beginnings with Brian De Palma (which he calls his true mentor), and almost always has something to say about the composers.

He tells things I wasn't aware of, like producer George Litto (which he clearly dislikes) wanting a pre-Jaws John Williams to score Obsession (1976), promprty refused by De Palma, who was very keen on hiring Bernard Herrmann.

The Herrmann stories are great, and very sad at the end, with the composer dying during a new peak of his career. 

Hirsch also liked Georges Delerue a lot (Black Stallion Returns and Steel Magnolias), was responsible for the choice of his friend Basil Poledouris to score Protocol (1984), and there's some inside stories about the rejection of the scores of David Shire's Steel Magnolias,  Bernstein's I Love Trouble (a nightmarish production) and Silvestri's Mission Impossible (which was due to a literal lack of communication between the composer and De Palma). 

Highly recommended!

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