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Michael Giacchino & Nami Melumad's MEDAL OF HONOR: ABOVE AND BEYOND (2020)

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"Songs", "tunes", "songwriter"

Always two there are.

You can´t go wrong with his older Medal of Honor Score´s. they are so much fun and full of life.    

On 9/16/2020 at 7:03 PM, Tydirium said:

Who exactly is this Nami Melumad person and why is MG working with her?

A composer with whom Giacchino worked with recently on 'An American Pickle'. Maybe Giacchino's involvement with Batman has forced him to step back and just offer themes for others to work with.

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12 hours ago, Spider-Fal said:

"Songs", "tunes", "songwriter":pukeface:


That was the first thing I thought when reading that.... does the author of that quote know anything about scoring? :lol:



It’s great to have Michael back, because he even says that music is everything to generate emotion 


A composer even thinks music generates emotion? Wow!

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22 hours ago, Luke Skywalker said:

Because it was "modern warfare" wasnt it?


This new game revisitis the WWII theater.

Correct. The 2010 game and its sequel was a full series reboot.


This VR game has one of the original creators on board, and they used Giacchino’s original music in the announcement video that was released awhile back. 

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Holy cow, that new main theme is good!


... at least from a writing perspective.  The sound - I dunno if its the recording, the performance, the mastering, or all three- leave a lot to be desired



The full 80 minute OST album is arriving Friday, December 11th




1 Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond
2 Juliette's Theme
3 Marcel
4 Louis
5 Dr  Gronek
6 Chatsworth Girl
7 The Vino Brothers
8 Dubuisson 1943
9 The Hotel Dubuisson
10 A Daring Plan
11 First Class Ticket
12 Combat Drop
13 Black Forest Express
14 World's Worst Landing
15 House To House
16 Armored Chess
17 U-Boat Pens
18 Inside Scuttle
19 Dive Dive Dive!
20 Alpine Approach
21 Sneaky Penstocks
22 Set Final Charges
23 After the Crash
24 Capturing Dr  Gronek
25 Pennemünde
26 Bonus Track: Stingers


Total Time - 1:19:43



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The opening notes of the main melody sounded a little too reminiscent of one of his Jurassic World themes to me at first, but as it goes on, it's lovely, patriotic, and emotional.  I'll be curious to hear the theme stretch its legs in an action-music context elsewhere in the score.  Great to have this franchise honoring its roots like this!

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25 minutes ago, Jay said:

Anyone else think the performance / recording / and/or mastering is kinda off, though?


You know, I don't think it sounds bad or anything, but maybe a little...thin?


I'm not feeling much low end when I listen in my monitoring headphones like I can with other scores. When the lower strings and brass perform, I should be able to feel them a bit more than I do. Oddly enough when I listened on my speakers it almost sounded too soft. 


Feels a little undercooked. I think the performance is there, it just hasn't been mastered enough.


LOVE the piece though. I've actually been feeling underwhelmed by Giacchino recently, but this is far more what I expect from him.

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11 minutes ago, Jay said:

Does "lately" refer to just Travelogue, Let Him Go, and American Pickle, or go back further to Far From Home, Jojo Rabbit, and Fallen Kingdom too?


You know, I still liked Far From Home, Jojo Rabbit, and Fallen Kingdom, I didn't LOVE them completely (as evidenced by the fact that I don't listen to them as often as Homecoming or World), but I like a lot about them.


I haven't been very intrigued by Travelogue, Let Him Go, and American Pickle though. 


So I guess it kind of started as far back as Far From Home, but I did still enjoy and purchase those scores. I haven't felt like I need to buy the newer ones, I just streamed them for the initial listen.

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6 hours ago, Jay said:

I haven't really been wowwed by anything he's done since Far From Home, but all the ones mentioned have nice tracks within them.  Except maybe Let Him Go :p


Yeah I can agree with that. As a whole nothing has been what I've grown to expect, but they have moments. I was utterly uninterested in Fallen Kingdom when I first heard it, but some cues have grown on me over time. JoJo Rabbit is fun, but I don't revisit it often. I've only listened to his later work once through and haven't been compelled to listen again.


The Main Theme linked above is the first time I've had a closer to "wow" reaction from Giacchino lately. Not sure what's happened exactly. Seems a bit more random what he's doing these days. 

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15 hours ago, Jay said:

Anyone else think the performance / recording / and/or mastering is kinda off, though?


Absolutely. To me it almost sounds like I'm hearing an audio recording someone took with their phone of the performance. There is a richness to the sound that I feel like I should be hearing but it's not coming through like it's been compressed or mastered in some weird way.  

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I still consider myself as a Giacchino fan. I usually enjoy his scores. There're no perfect by, for instance, Fallen Kingdom end up growing on me and I really like his two Spider-man scores. This new Medal of Honor theme is also very good.

16 hours ago, Spider-Fal said:

Sounds okay to me, sounds a little "live" but that is it.


The one part of the Melody kind of reminds me of When You Are Alone from Hook a bit.

Yes, for me is the same. The sound reminds me a little bit of a live performance but it doesn't sound "bad". In any case I recall that the first Medal of Honor CD had a "meh" sound quality, maybe they are doing a TFA-thing with the sound quality?

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21 minutes ago, Dr. Know said:

Kind of amazing.


Holy cow. Where has this Giacchino been? This might be my first Giacchino buy for this year!  


Side note: I know he has done plenty of Video Game scores before, but are the others he's done like this? Any recommendations? I haven't and probably won't ever play the games themselves, but music is music.

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