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Michael Kamen's ROBIN HOOD: PRINCE OF THIEVES (1991) - New 2020 Intrada edition

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A single tear runs down @BloodBoal’s cheek in a far away land. 

I've received it, good fellow. Now, I'm clearly biased with this one, because it is my favorite work of Mr. Kamen. But truly, this release is quite amazing. There isn't a HUGE difference in overall so

It's up   http://store.intrada.com/s.nl?it=A&id=12233    

12 minutes ago, Edmilson said:

Wait a minute. This album has over two hours of music, and it still isn't the complete score? My gosh...


On 9/22/2020 at 12:00 AM, crocodile said:

5 minutes still missing (Marriage Plans/Robin's Alive).

On 9/22/2020 at 9:55 AM, Edmilson said:

Wait, so this is the second expansion this score gets in less than five years, and there's still missing music? :o


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15 hours ago, Jay said:

Most of the time when I put on a score to play, I just listen to the "main program".  The bonus track sections are something I check out once in a while, never every time

Me neither. I only regularly listen to them if it's something like alternate Binary Sunset or that segment of Fortress of Solitude.


7 minutes ago, Edmilson said:



Thanks for keeping up with my content! It's good to see I have fans!


tenor (14).gif



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I do kind of wonder if there was any hesitation here in releasing a new one so soon, when the theoretical situation exists where 4 more minutes of main program music might be found.


19 hours ago, Jurassic Shark said:

Has anybody gotten this new edition?


I received this at the end of last week.  I only listened to the main titles, and didn't 1:1 it to previous releases or anything, but that sounded pretty good.

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1 hour ago, mstrox said:

I do kind of wonder if there was any hesitation here in releasing a new one so soon, when the theoretical situation exists where 4 more minutes of main program music might be found.


Hey, it's five minutes we're talking about, and quite possibly several seconds beyond that!

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No, the completely original proper Kamen cue "Marriage Plans / Robin's Alive" is just completely missing from every element they've found.

Roger's own words about it:


On 9/18/2020 at 1:43 PM, Jay said:

12M01 - "Marriage Plans / Robin's Alive" (4:53) DVD: 1:41:18 - 1:46:04

Plays from Sheriff's forced marriage proposal to Sheriff telling Marian Robin is Dead, to Robin's survival.


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26 minutes ago, crocodile said:

Is it possible the remaining material was somehow assembled editorially? I really don't like this film so won't watch it just to find out. 




Not not in the case of 'Marriage Plans/Robin's Alive.' this was, in fact, a separate and original composition. Granted, more than half of this cue is generic Sheriff villain music, with a few little sprinkles of Robin's motif. But the last minute or so is a glorious reprise of the sombre theme that plays at the end of 'Village Destruction #2,' and then a full orchestra statement of Robin's Theme. It's brief, but magnificent. In addition to the source music that I mentioned earlier, there is a four or five second overlay (Heroic Robin ALT), that is inserted in the film, when Robin crashes through the window to duel with the sheriff. Sadly, this was not recovered for this release. I do expect the remnants to appear one day; after all, 'Celt Battle Part 3' was an orchestration by composer Mark Watters, the recording of which has been in his possession for nearly 30 years, until Intrada connected with him and obtained it for this release. I suspect that the missing music may be sitting on other people's shelves, much in the same manner. The Kamen Estate conducted a very lengthy search, in Los Angeles, New York, and London, to find the music that IS vailable on this release. But this production had such strange variables and occurrences that seem to have scattered source recordings across the globe, it's a bit of a wonder that this much of it has been found. 


If and when the remaining elements are discovered, I think it could be beneficial to consider a digital release that features the remaining music, rather than another full-on CD release. But I only think that because, I feel that they have gone above and beyond with this, and there are indeed many other scores that deserve the same kind of attention. 😊

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Having given both the prior expanded edition and this new release several listens it still doesn’t quite gel for me I have to admit. Not sure what it is. Feels like one of those scores with many great moments but that it doesn’t quite hang together in between. Having originally ditched the original album from my library I imported the remasters version and actually enjoyed it considerably more in that way. Guess it gets quicker to those highlights more effectively. Plus I quite like the song (from the original release of course). I’ll keep trying. It’s Michael Kamen, he’s usually worth the effort. Although soon to be supplanted by the recently acquired Lethal Weapon set...

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2 minutes ago, Richard Penna said:

I've never seen the film, and the only track from the OST that really 'does it' for me is Marian at the Waterfall. I was never particularly into Kamen however, so it's not really a sleight on the score.


You don't like the overture? Is that even possible?

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On 11/22/2020 at 4:21 AM, John Chambers said:

Jay, I don't suppose you've put together one of your very helpful Google Docs for this? I'm finding it tricky to figure out all the differences from the previous Intrada release!


I thought no one would ever ask!









1 hour ago, John Chambers said:

Does anyone know where 'The Boy in The Tree' was on the last release? It is not marked as previously unreleased on the new track listing.


It wasn't on the last release, however, it's just an edit of a piece of "Buffoons Ambush Marian" so no unreleased * needed

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