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What free antivirus do you use?

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I've just had a major problem with the latest update of Avast Free. Caused  a memory leak and RAM memory usage on my PC would go from 50% to 100% within a few hours and freeze. It also used 25% of my CPU by itself.


Reverted to Windows Security for now (memory usage on my PC now stable at 29% and CPU at 0% with no programs open).


I've had issues with AVG in the past  so I dunno


Is windows security ok to keep?

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Man just pay for virus software. Your data is worth it. Don't be cheap! 

Antivirus programs are problematic by nature since they have to get access to everything in the system, so they are a potential threat themselves if corrupted. As far as I understand the independent experts, Windows security has made great advances so it should be enough to protect against the usual threats, besides using common sense.  So in your shoes I would rely on Windows security on a Windows PC. Since I am using a Mac I have no first hand experience with Antivirus from the last 8 years. 

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