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Beautiful One-Off Melodies from Ep. 9 Appreciation Thread

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To me, one of The Rise of Skywalker's most endearing qualities is the number of short, transient melodies and motifs that are heard just once or twice. These tend to be unrelated to the series's main

I made a simple transcription that may be useful. This is definitely quite unlike the usual accompaniment heard with Leia’s theme, which I think helps strengthen the likelihood this is an intentional

For me, one thing I love about this score is the way Williams develops not just the themes but melodic snippets that aren't necessarily leitmotifs. "Farewell" is a great demonstration of this. There,

18 minutes ago, SilverTrumpet said:

I always thought that last one was a variation on the friendship theme.


I think you're right about this, though it's a pretty subtle transformation. Cool!


I myself can't help but hear the B-section of the Men of Yorktown march in that little snippet: 


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