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Star Wars vs Indy “Trilogies”

OT Star Wars vs Indiana Jones “Trilogies”  

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  1. 1. Star Wars vs. Raiders of the Lost Ark

    • Star Wars
    • Raiders of the Lost Ark
  2. 2. Empire Strikes Back vs. Temple of Doom

    • Empire Strikes Back
    • Temple of Doom
  3. 3. Return of the Jedi vs. Last Crusade

    • Return of the Jedi
    • Last Crusade

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I am not the biggest fan of these scores, but Indy 3 is clearly the winner for me. I found there's something really uninteresting about Indy 1, 2 and 4 during my first and only listen.



Raiders of the Lost Ark

Empire Strikes Back

The Last Crusade


Temple of Doom vs Empire was the hardest for me.  As much as I wanted an Indy sweep, Empire is just a better score from front to back.  I would be lying to myself if I chose otherwise.


This seems like a very refreshing take on the usual 'Star Wars JWfan poll"


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On a personal level, I've always preferred the Star Wars OSTs. I wonder why that is, as with many of my favorite soundtrack composers I've never watched their films or played their games. I barely remembered anything from Star Wars when I got into Williams music, but maybe the films really do have something to do with it:


Some of the thematic music of Indy is some of Williams' best, the Short Rounds theme. I might secretly wish that theme was part of the Star Wars universe instead :P, because I don't remember much Indy material influencing my childhood like theme parks or video games, and that might be the crux of why its style of music doesn't seduce me as much. The franchise didn't make its way to me, and when I watch the films today very open-mindedly I don't really enjoy them personally. As a kid I first enjoyed the Star Wars universe at the theme park with music playing, and later I started kind of enjoying the movies.


Music is definitely a separate issue. My favorite films and video games just don't have my favorite music, and visa versa, but the two could apply in this circumstance. It's possible.

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13 minutes ago, Oomoog the Ecstatic said:

 Some of the thematic music however is definitely some of his best, the Short Rounds theme. Maybe I secretly wish that theme was in Star Wars instead :P

Galaxy's Edge has a Short Round vibe to it.  

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I have to say I’ve listened to the first three Indy scores much more than the original Star Wars Trilogy. That’s not a slight against their classic status. 
I just feel that,overall, the Indy scores aren’t as popular as the Star Wars scores so they don’t seem as “overplayed” (except perhaps the main “Raiders March” theme)


For me it boils down to what mood I’m in. Do I want to go on a journey and listen to the equivalent of a modern-day opera (Empire Strikes Back)? Or just take a breathless non-stop gonzo roller coaster ride (Temple of Doom)?

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Holy shit. Tough decisions here. The first two, at least. I know I definitely prefer ROTJ over TLC. But the others are seriously tough.


I'm voting all SW for now, simply because if I had to choose which ones to listen to at this particular moment, I'm in more of a SW mood. Could have gone the other way, though.

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7 hours ago, Jay said:

Sheesh what a difficult poll, ranking six masterpieces against each other.


I can't do it!


Same here. Some of these polls are really impossible. Ultimately, I chose STAR WARS for all options, but not easily.

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While Jedi is winning against Last Crusade, its interesting to see people have a tougher time choosing between those two. 


I adore the globe-trotting feel to Last Crusade. The entire “Battle of Endor” section of Jedi is a great climax to that series. But it takes a while to get there. Last Crusade is just one terrific set piece after another. Favorite Indy score hands down.

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