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RIP Sean Connery (1930 - 2020).

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I finally will watch this.

(picture courtesy of @tintacle.)   https://www.bbc.com/news/amp/entertainment-arts-54761824   90 years is a respectable age.

RIP what a legend


I’m going to listen to a few scores for Connery movies today, starting with my favorite score for one of his Bonds, You Only Live Twice.  I’ll definitely include The Untouchables  and Last Crusade as well.

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Another legend of cinema lost. I've never seen the Connery Bond films but will absolutely check them out now.


How I wish we had the Father/Son reunion cue from The Last Crusade, one of my favourite renditions of that theme. I suspect that score will be getting plenty of listens in the next few days.





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Just saw it. Horrible news.


For an actor so identified with a tough-guy persona, he also was wonderful in more sensitive roles, as well as having an absolutely wonderful timing for comedy; what a combination.


Will be sorely missed.

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Using the dark theme can reveal which posters type things from memory vs pasting them in. Check out the song lyrics thread for a great example of this! 

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By sheer coincidence I just had this custom cover printed!

If you grew up in the Sixties, he was as big as THE BEATLES.

A huge part of my cinema going life.

Starting with 007 and onto my favorite film of the Seventies, WIND AND THE LION.


RIP Sean


Vintage sheet music!


Vintage Lps



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