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"Josh Groban, John Williams To Appear Tomorrow Night In New York Philharmonic’s First-Ever, Free, Virtual Gala"

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https://nyphil.org/support-us/additional-support/virtual-gala   The New York Philharmonic tomorrow night, November 19, will present its first-ever virtual gala, NY Phil ❤️ NYC, at 7 p.m. EST

Time stamps with the Maestro's remarks on the NY Philharmonic: 21:00 & 47:50. The whole gala was really great.

Of course they are referring to THE Maestro John Williams. He has conducted the NY Philharmonic before; it is cool that he will be part of this virtual gala. Being a native New Yorker myself, having been born in Long Island, I will definitely watch this.

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Williams just gave a ~10 second snippet about the value of the NYPhil amidst a quick succession of other talking heads like John Lithgow, Katie Couric, and Michael Bloomberg. Nothing essential, at least not so far. Viewable here: 




Seated on the same couch, next to those bound copies of ROTS score as the RSA award vid yesterday.

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