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Coronavirus 2: This Time No Politics (promise )

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The biggest advantage of the asian countries that managed to get almost out of the pandemia is that they understand that the least this is a question about courage or bravery. I think, a pandemia

Okay, okay, okay, let’s finish this year in style!  

I'm starting to think that Drax created Bruce to replace Gruesome. 

I figured it would be a Non-Frontline Non-Essential worker. I was hoping it would be me, but I guess I should just pray every time I enter an elderly customer's residence be it a house or Skilled Nursing Facility that I don't accidentally kill them with the Coronavirus.


No offense to Stu, of course.

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I take no offense.  I completely agree that the vaccine distribution has been a complete failure pretty much across the board.


Every average individual should get the vaccine if made available to them though because of course it is most important that *everyone get vaccinated*.  The failures of the governments and health departments are neither our fault nor our responsibility to fix as individuals.

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On 1/17/2021 at 7:24 PM, The Big Man said:

I'm quite proud of our high unemployment levels and crumbling businesses.

The economy and livelihoods can recover.  The dead cannot.

At any rate, if you get more deaths and incidence of disease, the economic effects would end up being worse and more prolonged.  There are no wins or magic bullets in this situation, but Australia's approach is about as good as you can get in this situation.  

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49 minutes ago, Gruesome Son of a Bitch said:

I made the Coronavirus my bitch. I may yet be afflicted by it but I'm flourishing as an Essential Frontline Worker with expendable income and masculinity to lure a beautiful woman and cashing in on unused Covid hazard pay.



Sounds like a foolproof and psychologically stable formula to happiness!

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