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So Noah Hawley is creating an Alien TV series...

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Saw Alien TV series, interest piqued. Noticed Ridley Scott's name, interest tempered. 

Set in the "near future" on Earth.   Hard pass.   The least they could do is finish off David's story and tie everything back to the original film.

Wow, such negativity. 


Personally, I'm very excited for this, despite a little bit of nervousness surrounding the Disney element (but FX has managed to produce quite subversive, brutal material regardless, like AMERICAN HORROR STORY). Wrote a news bit myself here (in Norwegian): https://montages.no/nyheter/noah-hawley-skal-utvikle-alien-serie-for-disney-og-fx/


Love Hawley's work on FARGO and LEGION (I'll leave out his disappointing LUCY IN THE SKY feature debut for now).

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This franchise went into the wrong direction very early. 

The idea in ALIEN was great. The sequel was brillant. But it would have been better to not build such a whole film series just on that one bloody parasite idea. It is like telling a hillarious joke a hundred times. Maybe the hundred's time you still admit that it is a good joke, but you just cannot laugh anymore. If early on they would have had ideas to stretch the univers, something like the diea behind this Cloverfiled universe. I mean, they stretched this one definitely too much and will never get hold of all these puzzle pieces.

But even the idea of Scott that Bladerunner and Alien might be set in the same universe brought more value to it than the 6th sequel will bring to it. 


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