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Greatest track or movement of All Time?

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Finally something not terrible!


If I had to go classical, which luckily I don't, I may choose some short clip from Prokofiev's The Bird :lovethis: or maybe Borodin's Dance of Maidens and Glazunov 5-1.


On 1/23/2021 at 2:09 PM, Disco Stu said:

#1 followed by #2




Very good on the 2nd choice :)

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42 minutes ago, TheUlyssesian said:

I have no doubt if you did a serious poll the result would be the 9th as a whole and maybe the last movement as a movement.


Obviously everyone gave a different answer than this, so no, a poll/averaging won't work. We're looking for best not the worst.


A serious poll so far would be me, Disco Stu, and Gloin the Dark, imo.

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