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Roger Feigelson announces a Williams title is coming from Intrada in 2021

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I often lie awake in bed with all these lingering questions about future Star Wars expansions.   What if the multi-tracks are still lost for SW? Did ESB tapes disintegrate while being transf

I did not know these movies had sequels.   Sorry. 

It's strange because Williams has spoken highly about those Stone collabs and wishing they'd done another film together. They seem like good candidates for scores JW would ask Mike about expanding, like Dracula.

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Next Intrada release is Feb 23rd but no clues this time, could it be the JW release for his birthday month?  



Roger Feigelson writes:

Our next release is 2/23.


Let the flailing begin!




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It's not accurate at all to say there's no clues this time; Intrada hasn't done clues for many years now.  Roger just posts what the title is the week before it goes in sale. Since it goes in sale Feb 23, he'll post the title around Wednesday the 17th-Thursday the 18th. There's nothing unusual happening here.

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It could be a c&c release of SpaceCamp.  I’m not sure how much music is missing from the OST release?  It’s also the 35th anniversary of the film, which probably doesn’t mean much but it’s something.  

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1 hour ago, Jay said:

Why did @Fabulin wipe out the contents of his posts in this thread?

Great question. Always wondered the same for BloodBoal, must have taken a huge time to go over each post and edit them.

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The problem with that is those threads where the first post needs to be maintained/updated over time.  I wish there was a way to grant an exception to the first post in a thread!

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"White Sands" is the only track on the OST album that combines music from two different parts of the film in one track


The chrono order of the OST album is

  1. 01 Main Title (3:07)
  2. 05 Friends Forever (2:20)
  3. 02 Training Montage (2:00)
  4. 04 The Computer Room (1:54)
  5. 03 The Shuttle (5:02)
  6. 06 In Orbit (3:12)
  7. 07A [0:00-3:12] White Sands (3:12)
  8. 09 Viewing Daedalus (2:45)
  9. 12 Max Finds Courage (3:53)
  10. 10 Max Breaks Loose (2:21)
  11. 11 Andie Is Stranded (4:08)
  12. 07B [3:12-end] White Sands (3:40)
  13. 13 Re-Entry (3:55)
  14. 14 Home Again (3:30)
  15. 08 SpaceCamp (4:06)


I'm not familiar enough with the film (I only saw it once) to remember anything specific about unreleased music in the film, or which OST tracks might contain different cues combined (or what their names could be)

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Hmm, it turns out the whole film is on youtube


You can hear the unreleased cue "Arrival at Daedalus" here from 2:44-3:25



This is the cue fans used to call "Docking Fanfare", and it's always been cited as the most notable unreleased music.

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So, whoever has the rights to SpaceCamp cares so little that the whole thing’s been up on YouTube for two years in great quality:



3:47-end of ‘The Shuttle’ must be the cue ‘Taking Off’


0:00-3:12 of the ‘White Sands’ OST track is ‘Insufficient Oxygen’.


There could be some other short consecutive cues combined, too. So, there’s less than 5 minutes of music (in the film, anyway) unreleased.

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It's the other way around, 0:00-3:12 would be Insufficient Oxygen and 3:12-end would be White Sands

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I thought an Oliver Stone box set was ruled out because of the complex licensing differences for all 3 scores (especially the Disney/Hollywood Records factor for Nixon). It's not a HP or JP situation where one studio owns all the scores.


It is curious that JFK was being readied for expansion back in 2017 but hasn't seen the light of the day, however. Makes you wonder if LLL changed tact and are aiming for a repeat of the 'Disaster Box' release, bundling the 3 Oliver Stone scores together but not as a "collection" per se.


Not totally out of the realms of possibility. JW himself asked for Earthquake/Towering Inferno/Poseidon to be released together, he could easily have requested the same for his Oliver Stone trilogy.

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2 minutes ago, Tom said:

I heard that in exactly 8 days from now, there will be an announcement of an 18 CD box set of the Complete SW scores.  


Was there ever any hope, Gandalf? 


Only an (April) fool's hope.

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