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The Golden Age of Film Scoring Thread

Jurassic Shark

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1 hour ago, Bespin said:

Any thoughts about this album?



It's an excellent CD.  I suspect I am not the only one here who attended the concert at which it was recorded.  Richard Kaufman's daughter Whitney sang a couple of the songs (the one from Wild Is the Wind, for example) and Tiomkin's widow Olivia was in the audience not far from where I was sitting.  The other vocalist Andy Playfoot can often be seen with the Maida Vale Singers accompanying the John Wilson Orchestra - here he is opening the singing in There Is Nothin' Like A Dame from South Pacific:



I remember also spotting the American conductor Andrew Litton in the audience at the concert.

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35 minutes ago, Tom Guernsey said:

I really enjoyed this album, well performed and recorded. Guess you can't go too far wrong with the LSO... it's a great companion to the Gerhardt album(although I'm not a super big Tiomkin fan).


The Gerhardt Prince and the Pauper compilation referenced earlier is one I recently unearthed in the bowels of my collection and, as expected, enjoyed it very much. Bit of an odd mixture, although somewhat weighted towards historical epics/dramas, but then it opens with 5 minutes from The Reivers, which doesn't really fit at all. Has a couple of enjoyable outliers such as The Madwoman Of Chaillot by Michael J Lewis, Julie by Leonard Pennario (who I've never even heard of) and Anne Of The 1000 Days by Georges Delerue which I don't know at all.


Gerhardt's take on To Thornfield is also great!

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On 2/10/2021 at 3:45 PM, Thor said:

I had THE CHARGE OF THE LIGHT BRIGADE once. Didn't care for it, so I sold it. Steiner is very hit/miss to me (more miss than hit), but some good ones here and there. Obviously the classics like KING KONG, the film noirs and that. But I also have a soft spot for THE ADVENTURES OF MARK TWAIN and THE TREASURE OF THE SIERRA MADRE. The Stromberg rerecordings in both cases.


I have the "Tribute Film Classics Highlights" CD that has the best portions of the Hermann, Korngold and Steiner works TFC re-recorded. It is well worth the $5 if you don't want the full re-recordings and need shelf space. Most of the highlights are 3-4 tracks each from certain albums (like Adventures of Don Juan, Mysterious Island and Battle of Neretva), while a handful are just 1-2 (The Kentuckian, Fahrenheit 451).



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I am hoping that this electrifying performance of Erich Wolfgang Korngold's Tomorrow from The Constant Nymph will show up in good quality on YouTube eventually.  Until then, this post by mezzo soprano Kate Lindsey on the Book of Face will have to suffice (video quality is not as good and there is a slight lag between picture and sound, but better than a kick in the teeth).




For me this was the highlight of the 2019 BBC Proms season.


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Just like in Great Britain, there are a ton of great Russian film scores by "known" concert hall composers of the 20th century. From Shostakovich to Schnittke, there's a ton of great stuff, and I totally agree Khachaturian fits right in there.



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