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Film and Theme park music by Hendrik Schwarzer; what do you think of it?


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Thanks for the heads-up, Gurkensalat. I have so many other musics to go through, but I'll check it out first opportunity. Never heard of the composer before.

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Amazed to see a thread about this and be like "I know that guy's music!". I love rollercoasters. Absolutely love them. Wodan at Europa Park is my #1 - it's a great ride, but also has the best soundtrack of any ride I've ever been on. In fact, I have the physical CD of it, which I believe you can only get in a couple of the gift shops in the park (I'm sure someone will now go and find it online somewhere).


His Europa Park main theme is also great - really pumps me up when going through the entrance gate.


God I want to go back there so badly. Nearly every major park in the UK is owned by the same company who just pay IMAscore (another Media Ventures type lot) to create crap synth music for their rides. Europa Park do things properly.

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Nice to see another Europa-Park Fan! I was already there 3 times this year and it was always great! There is a reason that some people name this theme park the best overall in the world. I am lucky to live only 1.5 hours away from it.


IMA Score is not bad, there is also a bit of music from them in the park (Blue Fire, I think), but it somehow always sounds the same and very bloated/bombastic/trailer-like. I am glad that the Park uses Schwarzer for much of the music. Also there are several compositions by Kolja Erdmann in the park (Voletarium, Märchenwald; Kolumbusjolle); here you can here some (I also like it very much): 



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He is the founder of Orchestral Tools sample company as well. 


Really fun music here!

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Important update for any fans of Hendrik Schwarzer (I know there are a few of us).  Europa-Park just released the complete instrumental recordings for Rulantica: The Musical which features some of his best orchestral work. When I first watched the "Making of" video for this production, I was struck by the gorgeous scoring, but then frustrated when only the vocal versions were released.  Now, five years later, we finally have the absolutely stunning orchestral score, available to purchase and download from Europa-Park's online shop.


Link to "Making of" video, which features many clips of the orchestral sessions in Berlin:




Link to purchase the score:




Of course a full recording of the musical with all the vocals (auf Deutsch!) is also available.

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While we're at it, Benny Oschmann and George Strezov have done some really good work for Europa-Park. 


Here's Oschmann's main theme for the Tønnevirvel water ride:



And his "first love" from the soundtrack to Josefinas kaiserkliche Zauberreise (there is a whole cd of music from this attraction, including the area music loops):



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