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John Williams inspired music composition


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Hello there! 

I am composer and just came back from hospital with covid pneumonia, and i wanted to celebrate returning to life and so i imagined scene from historical movie when bad soldiers (like Patriot style movie) burn the villiage. Its part of my project Soundtracks for non existent movies. The horses and canons are all over the place! Wish you good listening. I called the track Village on Fire and i want to celebrate my studyings of such a genius John Williams. 

Thank you for listening!:)


Village on Fire - Petr Potter Machane - YouTube

Village on Fire.jpg

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Glad you have good health.  I enjoyed the music and could see it working in a scene depicting a village being ravaged.  Musically speaking, I wouldn't suggest you using the tutti at the start.  Maybe only allow high violins for the first part, and the low strings enter at 1:16 to give more contour, shape, and arch to the music otherwise it tends to drag a scene.  Think of how JW did it in Starkiller base fires.  Notice how here we get only high strings at 1:08 and how stunningly impactful the omission of the low end is.



Musically speaking, JW takes us on a journey.  He is a refined connoisseur of music...a sommelier.  For example, the sommelier are wine experts who are trained and certified for their expertise in wine.  They can smell the difference between a $7 wine, $70 and $7,000 wine.  These are the master chefs too.  In the worlds greatest restaurants, they book a year in advance (pre-covid) and you really didn't select the meal.  The chef did.  And it was a multi-hour experience.  The chef takes you on a carefully thought out journey from the start through the end.  Watch this video to see what I'm talking about. 


You introduce an idea, not give the whole main course at the start.  Leave the listener expecting something more.  Give them a payoff, but let them earn it.  Don't let them over indulge.  Make them want more.  That is what JW is doing musically and you/we should strive to do too. 


The voice leading could be improved (how the notes move one to the next).  Especially in the low voices at around 1:35.  It isn't bad voice leading, just could be more impactful, less plodding.  You use a couple of the Starkiller harmonies which is nice.  You could go further with your harmony, use some suspensions, augmentations, and anticipations to create more tension in the material rather than relying too much on volume for that.  Save the bigger moments for later rather than revealing it too soon.  Think of the music as a journey through several minutes so you don't want to give too much away too soon.  Overall, cheers to your health and lovely music. 

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