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John Powell's Perfect Time For A Spring Cleaning (2021)


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From the new album Songs of Solitude by Hiyoli Togawa:



Last year, my friend José Serebrier connected me with a Berlin based virtuoso Violist named Hiyoli Togawa. She was getting composers to write short pieces for her with the subject being the solitude of living through the pandemic. I’m very proud to have my work “Perfect Time For A Spring Cleaning” appear on her new album “Songs of Solitude”, released today on BIS records.













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I don't know what to make of that. A bunch of pizzicato strings going nowhere fast? I prefer Elfman's take on the lockdown in his recent songs.

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Alas, didn't do much for me.


For a similar, and better approach to the same subject matter - sort of - listen to the montage sequence from REQUIEM FOR A DREAM.

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"By contrast, John Powell’s vivacious Perfect Time for a Spring Cleaning is like a madcap hornpipe where Togawa multitracks nine separate viola parts that petulantly scramble for equal attention. This may be my favorite among the commissions..."


Great for a film composer to great such great notices on a classical site, even more impressive that they don't even reference his day job... embarrassingly, I've not bought this album yet, but time to rectify.

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