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Spielberg is making a movie about JWFan. Who will play the different characters, and who will get their own theme?

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@Thor will get a motif of course, but for inexplicable reasons Williams doesn’t include it in the OST program, and that makes everyone, except @Thor himself, upset.

Hildur to score of course. She will win the one prize that has alluded her so far - the Nobel Peace Prize.

15 hours ago, crumbs said:

I'm pretty sure if me, @Chewy or @Holko get a theme, it'll be played on a shawm.


I want the renditions under my appearances to be supported by a cimbalom!

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2 hours ago, Jurassic Shark said:

So either a good looking fella or a hideous looking one?

Yeah sounds about right. Depends if the movie is more a comedy (Perlman) or a drama (Pitt).

Although both are far older than me, guess they will just cast Tom Holland to play me or Jack-Jack if it's animated! :lol:

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