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"The Escape" from TLJ Appreciation Thread.

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Unfortunately the sequel trilogy didn't really allow for JW to let loose with a lot bombastic action music, but the music at the beginning of TLJ will always be one of my favourite musical moments, es

Well said @Alex, it's a brilliant fusion of all three trilogies, and the performance/recording is seriously impressive. You'd swear it was the LSO performing it at the ROTS sessions if you didn't know

Happy to see this thread. The complete version of “Escape” is killer. (Especially the references to Poe’s theme). And I love how the “Battle of Crait” cue forms a great bookend/complement to it. When

7 minutes ago, crumbs said:

It is hard to fully judge based on the OST track though, because it's so frustratingly cut down (and there's even more unused material they deleted from the film!) 

I prefer the OST track because it flows better.  

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37 minutes ago, Not Mr. Big said:

I prefer the OST track because it flows better.  


I wonder if it's just because I'm so used to the extended version of the track that the OST edits feel more distracting? I didn't live with the OST version for twenty years like I did with, say, Rescuing Sarah.


I will say it's a cleverly condensed presentation of multiple cues with well-hidden microedits. If you didn't know the film version was twice as long you'd be none the wiser.


Similar situation with the complete Fathiers, which the OST brilliantly condenses (though I love all the unused music!) 

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