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Films that Williams could have scored : My List.


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1. Little Women. Greta Gerwig : Director. Released : 2019. 

Watching this Movie a few months ago, I thought to myself that Williams could have made a wonderful score; I thought back to his other "English" Classical Music Films like War Horse or Jane Erye. He would have done an excellent job;. But Gerwig wanted Alexandre Desplat instead so there's that. 


2. The Last Temptation of Christ. Martin Scorsese : Director. Released : 1988. 

It was a shame that Scorsese and Williams never got to collaborate on anything, and this film was one of the big missed chances. We could have seen Williams embrace Jewish Music earlier; as a forerunner to Schindler's list.  


Hugo. Martin Scorsese : Director. Released : 2011/2012. 

If Scorsese shifted the release of Hugo to where Williams could have done it. it would have turned out great. It could have been a E.T mixed with French Debussey Musicality. 



Those are just 3 of the top picks. We can also have Brooklyn ( 2015 Film ), Parasite ( Korean 2019 Film ), Black Swan ( 2010 ) Film. There are also other films people have already mentioned such as Agora and Alexander. 





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25 minutes ago, Holko said:

Oh, he has a much longer Tradition with that stye. But you're an interesting Matchmaker. I sure would have hired him for some more projects If I Were A Rich Man.

I forgot about Fiddler on the Roof......



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