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John Powell on working with John Williams for 'Solo'

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The Rogue One stories are indeed true. Same thing happened back on Shadows of the Empire, although in that case it was too late to change anything. Rogue One, on the other hand, had to be largely rewr

Hmm, I guess I prefer Giacchino's but both accomplish the same goal of getting me pumped to watch superhero action pretty similarly

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4 hours ago, toothless said:

Agreed. They should've sticked with Silvestri in the first place… 

Indeed. I believe Whedon wanted to bring Silvestri back, but Kevin Feige liked Tyler's Iron Man 3 and The Dark World so much that he decided to hire him for the main Avengers movie. 


Also, Tyler's fee was probably cheaper than Silvestri's... lol

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Tyler was on AoU until the very end. He and Elfman were recording music at the same time in London. In a recent interview, Tyler was talking about how he takes great care to make sure that the music is manageable for the orchestra, but at the scoring sessions Elfman seemed to delight in making players really have to push themselves.


Regardless, it was a mess all around, and all for the music to be inaudible in the movie anyway.

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