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To all members of JWFan,   Long time board member @Incanus has decided to step down from his Moderator position.  This leaves Ricard and Jason as the forum moderators for the time being.  We

I'd like to throw my hat in the ring as the third moderator.   Qualifications:   Read multiple biographies of other famous moderators, including Stalin and Mao Tend to enforce

FWIW, I was happy to see the new rules.  Granted, I'm largely a lurker, but I'd started visiting less and less (even swearing off the site entirely) because the content of some posts was really gettin

13 minutes ago, Jay said:

The number of likes the main post has already gotten says otherwise


I know I certainly like them. Even if I have to stop talking about aspect ratios! I'll change my avatar to... "SHAWM"

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16 hours ago, mstrox said:

not for nothing, but the two moderators who came up with these rules are Ricard (the founder and owner of JWFAN) and Jay, who, presumably, is working as a moderator because the owner of JWFAN wants him to be


I guess he was the only one willing to do the job for free.

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38 minutes ago, Jay said:

The rules are not an attempt to get rid of anybody. The rules talk about what type of posts are welcome and unwelcome. 


But can you add a "Bespin Exception" in the rules, a sort of grandfather clause? :P

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1 hour ago, Koray Savas said:

We have female posters?


Well, there's several posters here who haven't subscribed to a gender yet.


32 minutes ago, Marian Schedenig said:


They came for the sexism. They left because it wasn't allowed.



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