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Happy Star Wars Day! Here's a rundown of thematic material from Gordy Haab's Star Wars Battlefront (2015) soundtrack.

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10 hours ago, blondheim said:

Is there a list somewhere of all the officially released soundtrack albums for Star Wars games?


-Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order (first SW video game album ever officially released)

-Star Wars: Squadrons

-Star Wars: Battlefront

-Star Wars: Battlefront II

(There was also an album for Star Wars: The Old Republic that was released only as part of the Collector's Edition bundle of the game)


Those are all of the official video game soundtrack releases we have so far.


I don't count Shadows of the Empire as it was not recorded for the game, which came out a year or two after the album.


Now as for composer promos as well as fan-made edits, I have most of them up on my channel playlist, with track lists in the descriptions:


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1 minute ago, Michael G. said:

Oh, so it's really just the four? Then for all the other games probably only the music from the films were taken?


No. I've updated my post with additional info, plus a playlist of unofficially-released albums.

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2 hours ago, blondheim said:

So is the OST a good grab for Fallen Order? I see there are complete and remastered game rips out there as well


The game rip files are lossy, and the amount of music not on the soundtrack is minimal (the OST has over 3 hours of music). So I would personally 100% recommend the soundtrack.

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On 9/4/2021 at 4:26 PM, Michael G. said:

@Falstaft sth for the Thematic Catalogue?

@TheAvengerButton good work

Thanks, I'm working on the next one of these intermittently between my real life duties, so hopefully I'll have something to show soon.

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