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John Williams and Anne-Sophie Mutter @ Carnegie Hall (April 21, 2022)

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She hasn't been confirmed for Indy 5 yet, so no!

The Tanglewood performance is going to be broadcast on WCRB:   https://www.classicalwcrb.org/blog/2021-05-28/tanglewood-2021-on-the-air-and-online  

1 hour ago, GerateWohl said:

Where? What? WHAT??

How do you know?

Anne-Sophie posted some photos of her sheet music as she was just beginning to work on the pieced and that title was visible. I'll try dig it up...



The photo doesn't show up now, but here's the post that first mentioned it, and I remember seeing the pic. It seems like it was amongst the first batch of arrangements she received and for whatever reason, it was dropped - perhaps they thought they had enough Star Wars pieces.

Here you go... I went digging on Instagram. The sheet music on the left at the start of the video, you can see the title ends with "....the Princess". 


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You're welcome... and I'd so love to hear it. That's my favorite Star Wars love theme, and that video is the only evidence the arrangement exists^. 

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Man, so much good JW stuff coming out and concerts coming up.  I feel very privileged to be be able to witness part of this round of appearances, but I still wish I could see the new concerto performed live.  Hopefully it gets a West Coast performance.  

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This wouldn’t be JW’s first appearance at Carnegie Hall, would it? I think just to see his and Mutter’s names on the concert poster outside the box office, with a large “sold out” sticker slapped across it, would be pretty amazing. It’d be another totem of his conquest of the classical/art music world, like that time he dropped by the Musikverein and spent the weekend bringing down the house.

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5 hours ago, Alex said:

The amount of stuff JW has coming up means he must be in pretty good health. Performing at Carnegie Hall after completing his fifth Indiana Jones film at the age of 90 is impressive.


Yeah, that's an understatement. Morricone had a pretty busy concert schedule at 90 too, but he seemed much frailer at the time. My own grandfather didn't even make it beyond 86.

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