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SPOTLIGHT ON JOHN BARRY - A Prospero Classical CD of New Recordings from the Citi Light Symphony Orchestra

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Less than two weeks have passed since the City Light Symphony Orchestra, together with conductor Kevin Griffiths, completed the recording of the second album and already today the 90 musicians are launching the third CD project, this time conducted by Anthony Gabriele: «Spotlight on John Barry». Here are a few impressions of the first tutti rehearsal in the rehearsal room of the KKL Luzern – starting Monday, it's back to the acoustically brilliant and beautiful concert hall for a whole week!
With «Spotlight on John Barry» we follow up on our successful debut album «Spotlight on John Williams» with great delight and by honorable request. The focus is on the outstanding film music work of the British composer and 5-time Academy Award winner John Barry. From «James Bond» to «Dances with Wolves» and «The Lion in Winter» to «Zulu» and «Midnight Cowboy» – a lot of work lies ahead of us. Our colleagues from Bauer Studios, the record label Prospero Classical and the creative agency K-wer-K will join us too. Let's go!




Here's a few recording session videos



Body Heat


Dances With Wolves



Sadly no 'The Black Hole'


"The Black Hole" will not be featured though. Just sooo much beautiful music to cover from Maestro Barry!



Incidentally, the orchestra was to premiere the 'Dances With Wolves' L2P concert, but had to cancel because of COVID.

Dances With Wolves - Live-to-Projection Concert - General Discussion - JOHN WILLIAMS Fan Network (jwfan.com)



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I can never decide whether I prefer Out of Africa or Dances With Wolves.


I suppose it must be Out of Africa.

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